12 Steps to Following a Bulletproof Diet | Rodale Wellness

Here it is, 12 steps to following a Bulletproof diet. It’s the blueprint to better health. I started this diet a while back and have to say that I’m ten pounds lighter and dropped an inch and a half on my waistline.  Most significant change it is  how good I feel about myself and about life.

Getting over step # 1 is a must. I also recommend doing a fast prior to starting the diet to reset your digestive system.

Good luck 🙂



Mental Health May Depend on the Health of Your Gut Flora

I’m an advocate of good health and strongly believe there is a connection between the gut and the brain. I came to this conclusion on my own by experimenting with intermittent fasting in an attempt to reset my digestive system and change my eating habits.

The results were  life changing. The total elimination of sugar and any processed food allowed me to really feel this connection with my brain and my gut. I no longer had the mental fog that was blocking me from thinking clearly, I was not feeling anxious anymore, in fact I was feeling giddy and optimistic about my day. Physically, I no longer had sporadic rashes on my skin, I started to see changes on my nails and the texture of my hair in my energy levels were much better that what they used to be.

Now I watch what I eat, take my time to read the ingredient labels, take my probiotics every morning and eat fermented foods. After experiencing the change that I feel today there is no way I’m going back to my old eating habits.

I found the article below to be a good source of information to start changing your diet for the better.


Is Your Tongue The Key To A Neuroscience Breakthrough? – Forbes

New and promising advances in Neuroscience. I look forward to see this device beyond the clinical trials and into the commercial market.


The 7-Minute Scientific Workout App

This little app has been part of my morning ritual for a while. It passed the GMAN’s test and it’s perfect for anyone whom claims to have a busy schedule. It is also great to do with your significant other and even your children for challenge or fun.

Take the challenge and start feeling better just 7 minutes every morning.