Tuning into the Right Frequency

Since the turn of the New Year, I have been working nonstop on my first published book YOU Improved and tuning into a higher level of frequency, of energy in my life. Despite few setbacks over the turn of the year, I am moving forward with the pre-release of my book. The more I get into the elements of self- publishing my book, I come to realize that there is a lot on the subject of publishing, marketing and distribution that I need to familiarize with in order to get my book out to the masses. Day and night, I post in front of the computer and peruse through the dozen or more open windows on couple of screens. On this particular Thursday, I had ten Word documents open, about nine tabs of publishing and book related web-sites, my social media sites on which I am always updating and my Outlook open on my LinkedIn groups, covering all the basics. Around my desk were several notepads organizing my action plan to successfully market and distribute my book. My home office is always open for business from the early morning hours, through the day into the mid night oil and even the graveyard shift. If I want to succeed, I have to be persistent and continue to move forward until I get what I want. At least that’s what I thought. I was wired up into hi frequency focused on the end result while monitoring my progress on how to get there. It was a sincere intention; however, I was feeling burnout. All I was seeing is more and more to be done no matter how much I have accomplished already. I got overwhelmed with blogging, posting, updating, researching, download, upload and repeating all over again and again. Around 2 PM I froze in front of my keyboard, unable to type or click anything, unable to move forward. I pushed my chair off my desk and closed my eyes, tuning inside me. I knew that I was not going anywhere at that point. I was mentally burned out and all I could do there was to ask for guidance in what to do next. I sat there in silence, being still, listening. Inside my mind, there was a lot of commotion; part of me didn’t want to stop because I wanted to stay on target but the other part of me wanted to run away. I was alternating from one frequency to another and gave in for the most powerful frequency I felt at that moment.

I returned, a week later, back in front of my computer yet different, happier and ready to move forward with my projects with an even improved attitude than before. During my exodus from the electronic media and my lower frequencies, I got on my motorcycle and rode away. As I rode farther away I forgot about anything that was creating static in my thinking and creativity and thought nothing other than that moment riding my motorcycle through the open roads of Central Florida. Also and more important during that time of departure from the routine, I spent wonderful times with friends, meeting new ones and creating happy memories altogether. There was a shift into a higher frequency that made it possible and that was because I allowed to happen by being open and receptive to the frequency of the Universe. We all flow into different frequencies sometimes and more than often it’s best to step away when we don’t feel like we are moving forward or feeling low and do something completely different, spontaneous that can tune you just into the right frequency where you’re happy, calm and in complete harmony with yourself and all that surrounds you in this Universe. It is our choice how we tune into each frequency. Everything happens for a reason and had I not decided to break away from my routine and take on that ride, I wouldn’t have come back feeling like I am feeling right now ready to move forward.


The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: caring ears

Ian Karlo is 9 months old; he is healthy, happy twenty pound baby curious for  everything he can get his hands and mouth around. He’s being growing steadily, now crawling forward and even standing on his own in his crib. No major issues, thanks God, though a series of ear infections prompted the doctor to recommend ear tubes to clear his ear drums from any fluids.

At 5:00 AM,  we woke up to prepare to take him for his procedure. Around six in the morning we arrived to the Walt Disney pavilion at the Florida hospital for children.  The Walt Disney Pavilion is a state of the art, newest addition to the Florida Hospital in Orlando. It is beautiful; like being transported to one of Disney parks. There’s a playing area look like a forest where kids can play under the watchful eye of Baloo the lazy bear from the jungle book story or go to an underwater cave where Nemo lives with other sea creatures. There is a big screen where kids and parents can watch movies and at the same time forget where they were at the moment. It certainly does not feel like the hospital feel one is accustom to.

Immediately Ian Karlo was admitted and on time he was prepared for surgery. The care at the Florida hospital for children is outstanding. Inside the pediatric surgery, we were taken to a private room where we could be together while Ian Karlo’s medicine kicked in. He was feeling droopy his head bobbing, eyes fluttering dreamily. He was babbling things while observing everything around him like ” Papi where am I? and why am I feeling sooooooo…. groovy?”

He was taken inside the surgery room still awake but docile like a sleeping puppy.   In less than 10 minutes, he was out to the recovery room. It was that fast!  In the meantime while waiting until he recovered from the anesthesia, I took the time to get lost around the hospital observing and taking it all in. Everywhere I walked, I felt in harmony with everyone and everything I came across. I stopped by the chapel and spent some time there in silence being grateful that everything went well. I am very thankful for being aware of these moments despite of the external circumstances. We appreciate the attention and caring of the nurses and doctors at the Walt Disney Pavilion. I am sure Mickey Mouse will be proud of the care and attention we experienced this day. We didn’t feel like just a number and every question was answer without hesitation. I have nothing but praise about the level of professionalism and care Ian Karlo received at the hospital.  He was calm and happy throughout the entire procedure and thus so were we.

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The Alpha Numeric Spectrum: numerical and phonetic codes to memorize numbers and recall them with ease.

I have studied memory techniques to improve my memory and be able to recall things with ease. Just recently, I came across the work of Dave Farrow and purchased his Millionaire Mind audio-book program. Dave Farrow is the Guinness world record holder for being able to memorize 59 decks of cards in order. That’s about 3,000 cards so to me that was very impressive and worthy of recognition. In his program he teaches you to improve your memory using techniques that he had created, some from other notable people and others that are centuries old. He teaches you to remember words, how to spell them correctly, remember speeches, languages, recall someone’s name and numbers. Though Mr. Farrow’s techniques are extensive they’re made easier for people like you and me. I am going to cover the basics of the alpha numeric spectrum in this post as I understand it but will not elaborate on how to use it because I am just starting to apply the code and getting used to link things using colors and sound. I am in no way claiming that I am an expert in this field. There is a lot to learn, to practice and that is exactly what I am doing.

The Alpha numeric spectrum is used to link up information in a multitude of ways. You can use sounds and colors to link words, numbers or whatever you want to remember and then recall it with ease. It takes time to grasp all this information but once you understand how to use the code and memorize the colors and sounds you will be able to remember things , learn new languages, improve your education whether in school or at work. I particularly like to explore to use the alpha numeric spectrum to learn new languages. I am fascinated by languages! Of course I can make more use of my memory and be able to recall things with ease like remembering people’s names for a change.

Throughout the course there are key things to remember that will help with memorization and aid me to “paint a picture” of what I want to remember.

  1. Try to create a picture or movie in your mind with the first things you think of you want to remember or associate. Don’t worry about creating the perfect picture. Then connect that picture with the next one until you have your own wild story about that foreign phrase you want to remember or preparing you for a test.
  2. Make what you’re picturing in your mind big, larger than life; make it look ridiculous, illogical. Your logical thinking will get in the way for sure. My advice is to think like a child, let your imagination loose, be creative and go wild creating the association that first comes into your mind. The reason for this is that with time and practice, you’ll be more creative and will imagine things better without worrying whether it makes sense or not.
  3. Include yourself in the picture. Make a movie, colorful, outrageous, illogical but so vivid that will stick in your mind. This is paramount!
  4. Make a “peg” list of the phonetic alphabet and the numeric spectrum for easy remembering. Do your research online for more information or create your own system…whatever works for you.


The Alpha Numeric Spectrum

1. ONE is for RED. Imagine a red single pole, a coat hanger, a single tree or whatever you want to use to represent the number one. Now imagine your object covered in ketchup, red paint, blood whatever you want to use that will stick in your mind. Make it big, ridiculous, but vivid as if it was real. The phonetic code for one is: T, D. You can picture red pole making the lines of the “T” or a tree in the shape of a “T” and covered in ketchup. Let your imagination run.

2. TWO is for ORANGE. Imagine yourself in the kitchen and you’re about put couple oranges in your brand new juicer which by the way is in the shape of a number 2. Can you picture that? Juice coming out of the top part of the number 2. Again you can use whatever you can think of just make it so vivid that it sticks. The phonetic code for two: N. Imagine the two vertical lines of the “N” bright orange and oozing orange juice. Whatever works for you? I am using the same picture that Dave Farrow created here.

3. THREE is for YELLOW. Picture a lemon in one hand, bright yellow and a number three in your other hand. The number three has three lines that end in spikes and you stick those spikes on the lemon. Imagine as if it was real. The phonetic code for three: M. Imagine the number three you just stuck on the lemon that has three lines, make it fit in your mind or try something else.

4. FOUR is for GREEN: Imagine a huge hedge in the shape of the number four. At the top of the hedge there is a golfer and he yells “four”. The phonetic code for four is R. Picture the golfer yelling ” fourrrrr”. That’s how Mr. Farrow described and it got stuck in my mind.

5. FIVE is for BLUE. Imagine a swimming pool shaped in the number 5. The phonetic code for five is: L. Imagine a blue L or using Dave’s creativity, the word ” aLive” or picture something with L5 and blue.

6. SIX is for PURPLE. Imagine a giant purple monster covered in grapes. Or a house in the shape of the number 6 and grapes are falling off the walls. Got that? The phonetic code for purple is: J,SH,CH. You can imagine the giant purple monster throwing grapes at you with one hand and with the other making a gesture to SHush you.

7. SEVEN is for BROWN. Imagine a huge hockey stick (resembles somewhat a 7) that fell in the mud and it’s covered in brown stuff. Remember, use whatever works for you. The phonetic code for brown is: K. How can you associate “K” with a hockey stick?  The bend of the letter “K” resembles somewhat a hockey stick or a number 7. You can picture yourself swinging the stick and making the sound “K” as you hit the imaginary puck.

8. EIGHT is for SILVER. Imagine a vast field and in the middle of it there is this giant silver building in the shape of a figure eight or the V8 emblem supersized. The phonetic code for silver is: V,F. Imagine the silver V8 emblem like a monster, creating havoc or the silver building being hit by the wind and making the sound “ffff”.

9. NINE is for GOLD. A gold building shaped like a nine. The phonetic code for Gold is: P. “P” somewhat looks like a 9. You can picture the nine and the “P” together as a big gold structure or talking to each other saying nothing but “PpPp”

Zero is for BLACK. Picture a black tire; that is simple enough right? Or a black hole.
Now that you have all this, it’s time to put it all together. This is where the experiment continues. I recommend checking out Dave Farrow’s Millionaire Mind memory program. He obviously is the expert and able to describe the steps on how to use this spectrum. Of course you can also Google it yourself and find out.

Spontaneous Living

Too often, the best time of our lives happen when least planned.  You know what I am talking about; the circumstances were just perfect and the timing was right, you are rolling along, feeling good and it seems like nothing can stop you because you’re thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Has this happened to you?  It certainly has to me.  I like when things come out unplanned, unscheduled where our actions are completely spontaneous. Being spontaneous allow us to do things without worrying so much about the outcome.  It gives the opportunity to act on just wanting to do it for the heck of it. It does not allow time to set up our own filters to screen through our own perception of things.  It does let us to be, do, and have the things we want a lot easier than planning every detail before taking action for fear of the unknown.  It’s O.K. to plan things ahead, rehearse how things might come out but why bother with too much planning when at the end things may come out completely the other way around?  Best to have an idea of what you want to be, do or have, organize and plan what is important but don’t fuzz too much about the details. Set the intention to make it happen, to follow through but leave room for the unexpected because you’ll never know what is going to happen until it happens So don’t trouble with the unknown, ease up  on yourself and just be happy. The outcome may surprise you.

God’s Pep Talk

I drove this morning for two hours in total reflection with the Universe; no radio, no music, nada…just me, myself and God. I like my quiet time with God and I’m not shy about it.  I appreciate the stillness of the morning, the awakening of a new day and the unknown opportunities that will bring.  I reach out to the Heavens looking for guidance, to praise and appreciate the blessings that I have. Sometimes, I call out my higher power, that is God,  to strengthen my faith , to give me hope when things are not going the way I would like it to. For these instances, I break my silence with a ” Good Morning God, I need a pep talk”.  I call out all my frustrations and worries and ask for guidance to resolve them. Then… I listen. I do nothing more than to drive in silence, being sensible and aware because… God is talking to me. He tells me that hat everything will be alright. It may seem dark at the moment, but don’t lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you’ll get there. God won’t abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright. It takes time to pay up to get what you want so do what you have to do and let me take care of how it will happen. “Help Yourself and the heavens will help you”.  Do make those phone calls, send those e-mails, do the research and let me take care of the rest, of  what I think it is impossible. That he will  make everything possible and will put the right people at the right time along my path. This God’s collaboration effort with me; our mutual cooperation with the universe. So carrying on with Bob Marley’s tune, I sing…“Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little
thing gonna be all right. Singin’: “Don’t worry