My favorite shoes, a story…

Everybody has a favorite pair of shoes that like much and are more comfortable to walk in. For many, a pair of shoes can be special, have meaning or special memories. My favorite pair is my New Balance ” all terrain” shoes. I decided it was time to give’em a good clean for the 1st. time since I bought them, almost 8 months ago. As I was undoing the laces, I started to reminisce of all the things these pair of shoes went through.  I bought these pair at Ross department store back in January of this year. I always liked New Balance shoes and how comfortable they feel and this pair was no disappointment. The word” All Terrain” on the back of the sole sold me as this shoes had a very important task to complete.

These shoes were the official shoes for my trip to Puerto Rico from January to May 2009. I spent several weeks in the Island spread out through the months doing housing inspections. These shoes were put to the test by walking different kinds of terrain through out the Island of PR.

As I scrubbed the dirt off my shoes, I notice the wear and tear these shoes have gone through and the stories they tell. From walking through the narrow brick streets of the Capital in Old San Juan, to walking the sandy beaches of  Condado, Boqueron, Luquillo,  the streets of the Housing projects or “Caserios” of many parts of the Island, entering hundreds of people’s apartments. Many places of “jangueo” or hang out’s of Guaynabo and Caguas City, the challenging terrain of el Yunque, Puerto Rico’s Rain Forest, or venturing through the picturesque mountains, meeting colorful people and stepping into many wonderful places, these shoes were the witness of every mile I walked into this beautiful Island.

Great activities were experienced while walking on these shoes, some exceptional, happy and memorable. Other experiences were not so great and wearing these shoes help me remind of those experiences and the lessons learned during those times. Although I had other shoes to wear, I preferred these shoes as my first choice for anything short or long term because of their comfort and rugged look and for a guy, these shoes would match any outfit and that was peace of mind, period! But most importantly, these are my favorite shoes because they have a special meaning to me and that connection adds a sentimental value important to me.

My special shoes
My special shoes

I recommend my New Balance shoes to anyone if asked, they are comfortable and will endure the toughest conditions, but any shoe can be a favorite shoe if it is special to the owner and like the song says, “These shoes are made for walking, and walking is what they do….”


Hello world!

This is my journey of personal growth, my personal experiment to greatness. I will like to share my own views and experiences with the whole world as well as what I have learned from other people that I have crossed paths with through out my life’s journey. Many people has helped me in becoming what I am today and I am thank ful for it. There are many others who are willing to lend a hand, share experiences, pass on good wisdom and at the same time helping me to become a better person. That is the purpose of this blog. To put it in Zig Ziglar’s words:  ” You can get what you want in life, if you just help other people get what they want”.

Happy Journey!!