Dear Self

Dear self: I wanted to let you know, if you haven’t realized it already, that I have been away  for a while and will be back soon. I went out looking for answers.  Last time,  the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental houses had a very weak foundation and we have searched for ways to make them stronger. We have gone great lengths, trying several methods to improve the quality of the foundation. The results were a mix of  a variety of  feelings, beliefs, routines and attitudes poured all together to make a good personal foundation.  A lot has been built over this foundation over time to create the person  living today.  However over the years,  I have noticed excessive stress over these four foundations.  Too much pressure has been applied and the foundations have started to crack. I tried to warn you but you were busy worrying too much about your external circumstances. When it got out of hand, it prompted a thorough evaluation. Further inspection suggested that a lack of consistency in the materials used to create the foundation could have been the cause of a weak foundation. Without constant maintenance, the foundations weaken which bring us to the current matter at hand. 

At the moment I am lost. My internal GPS lost its signal somewhere along the road and my navigation skills are being challenged.  I got so used to rely on my GPS and now I am looking for directions the old fashion way as we continue to move forward.  Do not worry, don’t panic, everything will be alright. I am  learning how to ask for help. I admit that I don’t get the answers when I want to. I don’t like that but I have come to understand that  it is best not to know all the answers. Sometimes we want to and we do whatever it takes to make it happen. However things still didn’t happen the way we wanted and forcing things were disrupting the flow of what it is meant to happen which it will happen anyway. There is a reason for that. What is  best is to trust in God, the greatest navigation system. He will show the way in due time whether we like it or not. So hang tight; in the meantime take care of yourself and have faith self because upon my return we will be going places.

Truly yours,

Your Soul