When dealing with family, it’s all about how to respond

Having a family is wonderful thing. It makes me complete, grateful, humble and makes the kind of person I am today. I wouldn’t change it for anything…though I wish I could have, should have, would have done some things differently. Without dwelling into what I cannot change in time, I do with what I have at this very moment. That is the ability to choose how I react to the circumstances I face daily. When creating and sticking with schedules or routines, it is the “sticking” what I have most of trouble. Nothing seems to go “according to the plan”. Case in point, my daughter Karymar woke up last night feeling for I don’t know what reason. She sleeps in a loft bed so at that time time in the AM, I was in no ability to take her to her bed. So I let it cuddle up with us in our bed. If you have children, you can imagine what happened later. Karymar took the center of the bed and spread eagle around me and my wife. At many times, I felt her hand in my face and other times her foot. Now, we have a king size bed which is a pretty good size, but when you combine Karymar’s sleep rotations and sleeping with a 7 month pregnant wife who has a cache of pillows barricading her sleeping perimeter, I didn’t get a good night sleep.

I woke up with an intense pain in my shoulder and lower back, the latter probably because I slept on top of one of Karymar’s toys. Numbness was slowly going away as my circulation started flowing in my body which was clinging to the edge of the bed ready to fall. I moaned and cursed under my breath, surely this was going to be a really bad day I thought. For an instance I let that feeling run through my mind, feeling my mood turning sour, negative thoughts arising as I regained full of my senses. Then it happened! A voice, which was mine,asked: Am I gonna let this ruin my day? and I let go at once. I took a series of deep breaths to release the tension in my sore muscles, said a few positive affirmations to myself, rolled over, did a small routine to release my energy and I was gone to seize the day.

I could have let the circumstance of a bad night’s sleep ruin my day, but I choose to be proactive and make the best of what I got at that time. The sun rose, the aroma of coffee filled the air and a while later the sleeping beauty woke up like nothing ever happened.

When creating a schedule it is important to have a good range of flexibility to deal with the “unexpected” in life. For a single person, unexpected events can be adjusted way different that one with a family to look over. Priorities change, mood and energy varies, so having a positive mental attitude and the ability to react accordingly with the circumstances thrown at us are important keys that have helped me “sticking” with my schedule.


Brainstorming and resources, finding a niche

This is a goal of all goals! I am researching a niche market to create multiple streams of passive income. There are lots of products out there some new, never tested and some off the beaten path. I had to do and still doing some deep soul searching. I have tried many business ventures in the past. They all have served me with experience. This time I trying something different and perhaps something I should have done since the beginning of my quest. I have to be honest with myself in searching what I am looking for. The bottom line is that I must love what I do, passionate about and cannot be considered or ever called as “work”. It cannot interfere with my lifestyle; time, energy and resources have to be evaluated so it wouldn’t conflict with the quality of time and energy my family deserves. Using Pareto’s principle, the 80/20 rule, 20 percent of my efforts should produce 80 percent of the intended results.

I am in the brainstorming stage and with the help of key friends and family members will be able to come up with great ideas, then I can create a plan of action with specific goals and time frames.

I have all the resources I need available and there are many sources out there to help me achieve this. I won’t be doing it alone, help is just a phone call or e-mail away. Google is a powerful resource, so are people who are so eager to share their experiences and even help along the way. However, I am the initiator, nothing happens until I make it happen…it’s on me, the ball is in my court and with the help of my resources, I will make it happen.