With Arms Wide Open

During the month of January, I spent 21 days  traveling through Kentucky and Tennessee. During my stay in Kentucky, I was received with much hospitality by my dear friend Norman Rosa and his family. I had only planned to stay with them for couple days but end up staying for more that I could expect. I was received with arms wide open and treated like part of the family. I shared a room with one of the boys and was fed like a king by Norman’s wife, Ive .  We did a bunch of things together during my stay and had a lot of fun sharing with them.  I taught the kids, Ricky and Berti, how to play the Diablo ( Chinese Yo-Yo),  how to play the guitar and even taught them some skills of Systema, Russian Martial Art and Arnis (stick fighting from the Philippines). They taught me how to play Call of Duty on the Xbox; we played almost every night. I had a lot of fun with those kids. I care for them as if they were my own kids or more like a big brother. I will miss the late night movie matinée with Norman and Ive with a glass of Sangria or a cup of green tea to soothe the spirit. I will miss the late nights at the gym, shopping at Kroegers and running errands with the family. I enjoyed the time spent with other families, playing “BUNCO” in a basement bigger than my house and the hang outs at Drake’s Summit. Thank you for taking care of me and for the good times. I will remember it for ever and hope to pay you with the same token when you come and visit Florida in a near future.

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The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: Safe Start

Ian Karlo recently graduated from his first swimming class program, offered by the local YMCA. The Safe Start  is a 10- minute per day, 8-week long program aiming to introduce the child to the water, teach him how to turn over and float safely in case of accidentally falling in a pool. Since the beginning, my boy Ian was not a happy camper. He hated the water. Soon as he saw his teacher Noreen, he cried until his face was red with fury.  He knew somehow what was coming. For us it was heart breaking watching him treading water but we knew it is a necessary measure for his safety. We did the same with Karymar when she was just 6 months old. As she grew older , we saw a significant change in her confidence and behavior. We wanted the same for Ian but we had to delay his start on the program well after his first birthday.  It  took him 12 weeks to float and turn in the water but we saw the change in his behavior after the first 8 weeks. He was more  outgoing and taking more risks. We were glad that we did it and so happy to see him turning over and float as soon he hits the water. Now, he loves the water.

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Sunrise and Sunsets

I have collected a gallery of sunrises and sunsets from many places I visited during my road trips and daily living. I call them God’s unique masterpieces. God’s paint brush creating a one of a kind picture that may never be replicated in the same way twice. A moment that says ” here, I paint this for you because I love you” Taking the time to capture these moments make me feel alive and aware of the present.

So instead of going through your mornings and evenings stressed out and without zest in your life, when you’re stuck in the rush hour, look up and appreciate the beautiful scenery made with love just for you. enjoy!

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Mindful Awareness

I went on a road trip and took a selection of audio-books from my local library to listen as a companion for the long drive. I picked a couple of titles at random but with the intention of enhancing my personal growth to yet another level. I picked The Flowering of Human Consciousness by Eckhart Tolle, Mindfulness Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Meditations for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. The choice of this trio was no coincidence as I found out later.

I was surprised by how much the three have in common in regards of meditation, living in a state of presence, fully in the moment and being mind-fully aware of the now.

Eckhart Tolle’s state of “presence” refers to a way of freeing me from anything negative that can hold me back and prevent me from living the life I want. Living in this state is a release from any fears, egos, worries and insecurities that get in the way of happiness.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how to experience the day living fully in the moment, to be mindfully aware of what happens in every moment of my life and learn how to respond creatively to whatever happens to me and not to react mindlessly or just going with the motion. It is like appreciating every detail of every aspect like in a movie being fully connected with my surroundings.

I like Dr. Dyer’s ways to connect with the Universe to attract whatever I want.  He says that to fully manifest what I want in life, I have to feel what it would be like if I did it and not just thinking about doing it.  I found the Morning and Evening meditations for manifesting very practical and a powerful way to start the day feeling grounded and to feel relaxed before going to bed.  He emphasized  the universal sound of “AH”, the sound of the Creator.   I realized that I was already doing some of this when I was feeling stressed out, but I was just screaming it out loud like a pressure cooker.  It made me feel better but there was no real meaning to it.  I feel that it helps to balance my root Chakra, making me feel grounded with a sense of purpose.  The evening meditation using the sound of “OM” makes me feel at peace with what I have accomplished during the day. It is a connection with my third eye Chakra and the Universe.

I am very happy with myself giving meaning to everything that I do from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed. I don’t struggle about finding a purpose to my daily life; I live every moment fully aware of what is happening inside me as well as around me.