I came to this world in 1974, leading my life on the edge, on impulse, seeking happiness outside in every way I could. I was living a life in the fast lane with no real sense of direction and purpose. That was my life, until I died. At 40, I was reborn. Like the Phoenix, I died in flames from pain and deceit. Then rose off the ashes, to a better, wiser and stronger version of me. Reaching new horizons that I have never thought possible in my old ways with a renewed purpose of life and what matters most. I learned the most important wisdom of life, to love myself. Realizing that when self love is present, everything in life turns brighter, meaningful. I am a better person today than I was yesterday,  much wiser thanks to my past experiences and growing stronger every day, loving the new version of me.


What Are Nootropics? Why Successful People Are Using Them For Focus


This is a great post to understand nootropics or smart drugs.
I’ ve been experimenting with nootropics for a while and I can feel the results in attention, focus, energy and stamina.  Currently, I’m tweaking stacks to enhance memory and cognitive  improvement. It takes some time to stack the right combination  especially when taking 38 pills each day and counting, along with other supplements.


Few to none side effects but still a long term process to get the desired results.
I recommend keeping a journal to record stack combinations,  dosage intake and notes of changes in your body and behavior or any side effects you may notice.

This is a life’s experimentation journey ,  so enjoy the process 🙂

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