GMAN’s Notes: The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

Lately, I have spent too much time updating my life online that I have neglected my personal time with myself.  So, I took time away this month from the media chatter just to be quiet and reflect about my life. I needed some inspirational material to get me started so I visited my source of inspiration and motivation, my local library. I picked up “The Art of Exceptional Living” by Jim Rohn in audio-book format. Immediately I got into learning mode right inside my car. I travel a lot so I got the time. I listened to Jim Rohn’s audio-book back to back about three times in a week’s course.  The first time was just listening, the second time I started to take notes, catching up on what I missed the first time. By the third time I was really into it; taking in the material, making it part of me and putting it into practice.

It is an exceptional book with much value to anyone seeking to improve their lives. What I got from it, in my own words, is that to live an exceptional life, I have to change the philosophy of how I live life and how I value life. It is referred as setting a new set of sails to a new direction in life.  I liked how he talked about capturing ideas; the importance to take pictures, write in a journal, record every event and describe them in detail. Live life fully and connected with everything that surrounds me.  My notes from this terrific audio-book are:

There are four major things in life that I should prepare for:

  1. Learn how to handle winters. Winters are the hard times, times of adversity and challenges
  2. Take opportunity of springs. Springs are times when things are going well.
  3. Learn how to nourish and protect your crop: all good will be attacked and all values will be defended. These are life skills.
  4. Learn how to reap in the fall without complaint. Take full responsibility for my actions.

“It is not what happens in my life, it is what I do with it”

The 5 Abilities

  1. The ability to absorb. Be like a sponge. Wherever I am, be there.
  2. Learn how to respond. Let life touch you, let the emotion affect you.
  3. Ability to reflect: go back to the reading material, the audio, and the day’s events. Take time to reflect; capture the day. Take time to reflect at the end of the day, the week, the month and the year. Reflect on self-solitude “ to make the past more valuable for the future”
  4. The ability to take action: be valuable, invest in self-development. When is the time to action? “When the idea is hot and the emotion is strong”. Discipline, self-growth.
  5. The ability to share: share and share more. Share a book, what I have learned, something I like so other can benefit too.

Every house should have a library including books like “how to read a book” by Mortimer Adler and the following:

History such as:  Lessons of History by Durant

Philosophy: also by Durant

Novels: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


Biographies: The Bible: illustrates warnings and examples on how to live life under God; Gandhi and even Hitler to appreciate good and evil for example.

Great books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Accounting books:  to learn about debit and credit.

Law books: to learn about contract, legal advice etc.

I am adding this phenomenal audio-book to my media library. It is good to revisit later to refresh what was learned and to generate new ideas. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve their lives to become a better person.