Mental Health May Depend on the Health of Your Gut Flora

I’m an advocate of good health and strongly believe there is a connection between the gut and the brain. I came to this conclusion on my own by experimenting with intermittent fasting in an attempt to reset my digestive system and change my eating habits.

The results were  life changing. The total elimination of sugar and any processed food allowed me to really feel this connection with my brain and my gut. I no longer had the mental fog that was blocking me from thinking clearly, I was not feeling anxious anymore, in fact I was feeling giddy and optimistic about my day. Physically, I no longer had sporadic rashes on my skin, I started to see changes on my nails and the texture of my hair in my energy levels were much better that what they used to be.

Now I watch what I eat, take my time to read the ingredient labels, take my probiotics every morning and eat fermented foods. After experiencing the change that I feel today there is no way I’m going back to my old eating habits.

I found the article below to be a good source of information to start changing your diet for the better.


Kitchen is always open

I am amazed about how much our little one is eating but more amazed how he gets his food supply. Minutes after our baby was born, he was breastfed and to our relief he latched very well. Ah, mother’s milk; the benefits of breastfeeding are well known and the sooner it starts the better it is for the baby. Our baby eats approximately every two hours around the clock. He is an eating machine. His routine: eat, poop, sleep and repeat the cycle. We as parents have also a routine for his care. My job is simple: care and maintenance of the baby after he gets fed. Yes, I do the dirty work, cleaning after my son. My wife’s job is to feed him and although it makes look like a simple task, it is an amazing thing to watch. The baby cries, I pick him up, pass it to his mom and the events unfold into something like this:

Mommy: “what’s up my prince? Are you hungry? Well, come to mama my precious, the kitchen is always open for you. You go ahead and eat all you want. This is all for you and there is lots of it. Come on, open wide, that’s right. Eat my love…uh uh, slow down papi or you’re going to choke”

The feeding goes for 20 minutes on one side and then it’s on to the other reservoir of mother’s milk for another 20 minutes or until he is full. We know when he is full when one of his arms raises up like a lever, signaling that his belly is full of the good stuff. He goes into automatic sleep mode, it is handed over to me after burping to change his diaper and then he is placed in his bassinette which is right next to my side of the bed. Almost every time he comes back for seconds as soon as he is laid down which the kitchen is always glad to take back. Mommy’s food supplies gets stimulated every time she breastfeed and if the baby won’t eat the breast gets engorged and need to be pumped before it gets too painful. Luckily for her, her little eating machine is always craving for more, so the process starts all over again: “welcome back my little man, coming back for more? Well come on over, the kitchen is always open for you, yes sir…. Mami is going to take care of you, your table is waiting”