The Magnificent 5

As part of my commitment to success, personal growth and do great things in life, I wanted to set up a support group to keep myself accountable for my actions, to ask for help or advice, suggestions and to share my journey with other people. To think of making this effort was more difficult than actually doing it because at first I was not sure I could find people who will support my goals. I was immediately proved wrong once I let go of the stupid thought and started to look around me. I have a good friend who is doing this, updating his inner circle of friends with progress on his dreams and ambitions. I am honored to be in his inner circle and I have seen great leaps forward, achieving whatever he put his mind into. I admire him and after valuing the benefit of having a support group, I decided to create mine.

Prospecting for people to support my goals was easier than anything else I expected.  I want to select a few friends whose attitudes are in alignment with mine. I want positive, engaging people, who have goals of their own and have the right mental attitude to move things forward. I want drivers not back seat passengers; someone who can help me in how to make it happen not telling me why it cannot happen.  I wanted people who can give me their opinion without sugar-coating it, someone who can motivate me when I need a shoulder to lean on, and someone who can say more than simple words. After careful consideration, I found those people and they were right around me. I call them, the Magnificent 5.

These are friends that I admire, they inspire me and I value their opinion. More importantly, I believe in them! They are my Magnificent 5, my success support group and with my commitment and their support, success is inevitable.