A dream experience: driving a Bentley Continental GT

I am driving on I-95 northbound on a beautiful, clear morning  behind the wheel of a luxurious dashing green Bentley Continental GT.  The interior looks sexy, handmade craftsmanship with exquisite trimmings.  I put my hand on the soft, contoured dashboard to feel the suppleness of the leather, admire the sophisticated details of this beauty on wheels. It feels real, it screams success! The road beneath me feels smooth like rolling on clouds; I hear nothing but the powerful, fine-tuned engine purring as I step on the gas pedal, feeling like the master of the road. The handling of this vehicle is impressive; firm yet excellent steering response, total control with elegance.  I feel victorious, driving the symbol of refinement and excellence at its best, results of hard work, thriving relationships and profitable businesses. As I grip the hand crafted remarkable soft steering wheel, feeling in command, on top of the world, I accelerate on the open road leaving the ordinary and monotonous behind.

And that’s when the magnificent Bentley Continental GT with its real owner drove off leaving me way in the rear unable to maintain any longer. My old truck tried to keep up with the Bentley for a great distance, while I admired and experienced one of the most fantastic and vivid visualizations I have ever felt. I was transported inside the car, in place of the driver, feeling everything as if I was really driving it. I could see the road in front of me, so present, living it. I could hear and feel the car’s engine, steering and thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in fine luxury of what I think it feels to ride a Bentley and what a fine experience that one was.