How to listen to a personal development audio-book

For full engagement and understanding:

  1. Listen all for the first time without taking any notes. Just listen intently. If driving, just sit back and listen don’t worry at what you may have missed. If you have to leave your car, when you get back, start the material a few tracks before from when you left it, so that your mind can engage again in the material.
  2. Listen again and this time you will notice that you may have missed some parts or that you now understand it better. Write down whatever you think is important and take action right away. Create a plan; organize your ideas with key points of the material you are listening to. Start immediately, following all the material’s suggestions and recommendations. Be diligent with your plan.
  3. Listen again for the third time for reference, follow your action plan. You may have missed information before or that you really understand what the material learned can do for you and its true potential. There is a learning curve for this, especially if you are driving and cannot pay full attention to the material.
  4. Repeat this process until the material is part of you. As Tony Robbins will say, “repetition is the mother of skills”. You will be surprised at how much you may have missed, didn’t get right the first time or that simply you now understand its meaning.

In my experience, I have to review the material an approximate of 16 times before it gets embedded into my subconscious. This is not difficult to me as I travel a lot and spend time just by myself.  This time is sacred to me for my own personal development and I enjoy it thoroughly. So enjoy it! Never think of it as a “have to” or an inconvenience. Think of it as quality, personal time with yourself and you will gain a lot for the time dedicated in education.