GMAN’s 2013-2014 MANIFESTO

The end of the year approaches. It is time for me to recount and reflect on the events of the year. Also start planning for the next year.

This year has been a turning point in my life. I have gone on the fast lane and had to come to a full stop.  That doesn’t come close to reality. I have crashed and burn.  What I thought I was living a happy life, turned out to be a world of sadness, lies, frustration and deceit.  It was a rude awakening of the worst kind.

That was my past, I don’t live there anymore.  I am not proud of what I have done but don’t have any regrets in my life either. Those have been painful learning experiences that lead me to who I am now. Everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to happen, so be it. Sometimes I do want to know the answers straight for everything that has happened. I even was angry with God.  My faith has been shaken.  I have screamed out loud “talk to me”, come on down and tell me what to do? where to go? No more riddles, signs or guessing.  Give me a straight answer!  But life is not like that. You live, you learn and you move forward or die trying.

I have come to surrender what I can’t control. I have come to accept what has happened and face the consequences. I have come to let go of what I can’t control and let God do the rest. I have asked for forgiveness and it will come in due time.

God has a plan for me and though I will like very much to know about the plan and give my input about it, I will have trust that he is in charge, in control.

I am grateful for opportunities, knowing that I cannot fail. I have taken this momentum to carry on the next year to change and improve for the better. That I can do. That is all I can do. One day at the time.

I am re-directing my life, changing my energy frequency…my vibration. I am discarding what doesn’t work for me anymore, what doesn’t serve me to reach my goals. I have adopted new agreements to lead my life; starting with loving myself. Being mindful, aware and living my life intentionally. To listening to my body, what I think and feel.  To say what I mean and do what I say. To ask questions and don’t make assumptions.  To never take anything personally; I don’t own all the problems in this world.  Lastly is to do my best every time, nothing more and nothing less.

I have found an internal desire to understand how my mind thinks and how I do what I do. I didn’t wait for the New Year’s resolution so I have started months ago.

I recognize that ultimately I am the cause of all my problems but more importantly, I understand that I am also the solution of all my problems.

I remember the words of  Melixa, my friend’s sister, whom I never knew and now lives in haven. Her words will resonate with me forever everytime I read them:  “I am Strong, Healthy, Powerful”.

I intent to live my life like that.

With that an in full faith, I welcome 2014.





*Leelo en Español abajo


It’s the time of the year to review 2012 and set sails for 2013. To sum up this year in one phrase would be “my come back year”. I remember on last New Year’s Eve, at the turn of the clock, declaring a big turnaround for 2012. That and the previous year were tough both in my personal and business life. But not this year.

This is the year of taking action. It was time to perform and produce. It is happening just as I expected, though not exactly as how I expect it to happen. My business has stabilized; I am back on the map in the field but at a price. I have traveled thousands of miles through many states and out of Country to be where I am today.

The sacrifice has paid off and now I can move onwards on solid ground. Wonderful experiences I lived, places I have been and people I have met. I thank God for all of it. The lesson learned is to take what life has to offer without worrying about the outcome but always expecting the best outcome. As the saying goes “The first light is the one that shines”, I took in every opportunity coming my way without reservations.

On a personal level, I grew up more this year. I learned that what it is asked and done with intention, it will receive what it deserves. Not as one originally expect it but with the expectation of the best outcome possible. I am open to new experiences with the intention to live how I want it regardless of the circumstances. I have not being disappointed. In fact, I welcome the unexpected with a smile in my face. I have seen what the worst that can happen is and it is not all that bad. Even after hitting rock bottom, I started to build a solid foundation. Went all in, receiving more than I have ever expected. I wanted to document my experiences, to write more. Instead, I chose to live and share more. Facebook has been my outlet to document my life. Ten years from now I expect to go back and be pleased of what I have documented over time. Every positive that comes my way and like it, I have shared it with my family and friends. We all enjoy, learn and lived from it. I have created relationships and expanded my horizons just by sharing the good stuff.

This year 2012 is all about stabilization and grounding my roots. The best place to be is where I am now. I am here to continue to lead my life and business with excitement, expectation and always hoping for the best.

Moving on to 2013, I declare progress and constant improvement. Moving forward is the theme. It always has been the right theme to carry on. I will continue to be open to new experiences, taking it in as they come and making the best of it. I expect the business travels to become less so I can get into other important things with the family. That is where I feel that I am needed the most and I want to be there for them. I am contemplating other business ventures for the New Year. I look forward to launch new projects and build stronger relationships with other people. In everything else, expect the best of me. I will keep on improving.


Ha llegado el tiempo del año para revisar el 2012 y ajustar las velas para el 2013. Para resumir este año en una frase seria “el año del retorno”. Recuerdo en la víspera del año pasado, al dar las doce, declarando un gran retorno para este año 2012. Ese y año previo fueron fuertes tanto en lo personal como en mi negocio. Pero no este año.

Este es el año de acción. De laborar y producir. Está pasando como esperaba pero no exactamente como yo esperaba que pasaran las cosas. Mi negocio se ha estabilizado; estoy de nuevo en el mapa de mi campo pero a un precio. He viajado miles de millas por muchos estados y hasta fuera del país para estar donde estoy hoy.

El sacrificio valió la pena y ahora puedo moverme hacia adelante en tierra sólida. He visitado lugar espectacular y conocido personas maravillosas. Le doy gracias a Dios por eso. La lección aprendida es en tomar lo que la vida le ofrece sin importar el resultado pero esperando siempre el mejor resultado. Como dice el dicho “La luz de adelante es la que alumbra”, tome cada oportunidad que paso por mi camino sin reservaciones.

En el nivel personal, he crecido más este año. He aprendido que lo que pido y hago con intención, lo recibo. Tal vez no como esperaba pero con la mejor expectativa. Estoy abierto a experiencias nuevas con la intención de vivir como yo quiero sin importar las circunstancias. No me ha decepcionado. Es más, recibo lo inesperado con una sonrisa en mi cara. He visto lo peor que puede pasar y no es tan malo después de todo. Aun después de llegar el fondo, comencé a construir unos nuevos cimientos. Me fui de pecho y he recibido más de lo que esperaba. Quise documentar mis experiencias, escribir más, pero preferí vivir y compartir más. Facebook ha sido mi canal para documentar mi vida. Espero en 10 años volver atrás y leer lo que he documentado al pasar de los años. Todo lo positivo que vino a mi vida y me gusto, lo comparto con mi familia y amistades. Todos disfrutamos, aprendemos y vivimos de ello. He creado relaciones y expandido mis horizontes solo por compartir lo bueno.

Este año 2012 es de estabilización, de sembrar mis raíces. El mejor sitio para estar es donde estoy ahora. Estoy aquí para continuar dirigiendo mi vida con entusiasmo, expectativas y siempre esperando lo mejor.

Moviéndonos hacia el 2013, declaro progreso y mejoras constantes. Echar Pa’lante es el tema. Siempre ha sido el mejor tema para seguir. Continuare siendo receptivo hacia nuevas experiencias, recibiéndolas como vengan y haciendo lo mejor de lo que pase. Tengo expectativas de que los viajes de negocios sean menos para hacer cosas más importantes con mi familia. Es ahí donde siento que soy más necesitado y quiero estar ahí cuando me necesiten. Estoy contemplando otras oportunidades para el nuevo año y espero lanzar nuevos proyectos y crear relaciones más sólidas con otras personas. En todo lo demás, espera lo mejor de mí. Seguiré mejorando.



In recapitulating 2010 goals, achievements and events I have created this manifesto that serves also as the platform for the New Year 2011.

One word can sum-up this year: Awareness!  That is awareness to self, to my feelings, to my surroundings and to other people. Awareness to the things I feel a connection to it, to those I no longer feel connected or identified with it and awareness to the things I need to give up in order receiving new things in my life.  The result of this awareness is the change I feel inside me. It is a constant awareness of improvement to be a better father, husband, son, brother and a friend.

2010 Review:

1.      Discovery: I created a personal journal to log the things I did during the day( where and when),  to record the things I learned and why they’re important to me, any good deeds I did during the day, and a how to manifest my goals as if already happened (Nevillize concept by Joe Vitale). The result was an eye opening experience; 365 days of self -discovery to things I’ve never considered before.

2.      Law of Attraction: I am what I think so all the negative thinking was re-directed towards positive thinking to see the good, the lesson learned and thus the opportunity to make it better. This is dynamite!

3.   Change and responsibility: Believe + Commitment+ Being = Change= Results. This is formula to get what I want in my life.  Responsibility to do what I have to do until it’s done. To know what are my priorities in my life, to know what feels right and do it and to respond to life rather than react to it always moving forward!

4.   Appreciation & Gratitude: enjoy what I have and share it with others. This is the fundamental principle to attract good things in life. Give onto others and good things will happen to you. Do not expect it; it will happen at the right time and place. Trust that it will and God will take care of the rest.

  • Donated blood for the first time ever: major personal leap forward. This is something I will continue do regularly.  I also signed up as a living organ donor to seal my commitment. When it happens and if it happens I will be ready to do what I need to do. No turning back!
  • Help people by giving. Whether is money, time, resource, etc… I know I DO have something to contribute regardless of my current circumstances.  This also led me to get involved in my church community.  What I love about this is that great things started to happen. You can’t go wrong by doing well to others! Being grateful allows me to appreciate the abundance in my life. Thank you God for all the blessings I have and all the blessings I will receive
  • Started automated donations to charities that support school classrooms (, local public radio stations (,  to my local Library ( where I got my motivation and inspiration) and supporting friends who are raising funds for a greater cause: Challenge Athletes Foundation ( CAF) on behalf of my friend David Orman, Smart Ride raising HIV awareness (Jesus Roman), and Susan G. Komen 3-day  for the Cure ( Limayra Melendez).

My Major Experiences:

  • The birth of Ian Karlo (4-16 @ 1:54 PM). He is the newest resident “case worker” in the Guzman family helping his big sister to renew and maintain our marriage relationship in check.
  • Launch of my book: YOU Improved– A Personal Guide to Change and Improve the New Version of YOU. How to change your thinking, Image and Outlook on Life to Get What You Want! This is the byproduct of a decade of learning and experiencing and years of action of being, doing and having.  I’ll carry this tune to 2011.

My Negatives (turned into learning experiences)

  • Emotional rollercoaster: in my relationships, work, businesses, and life.
  • Financial meltdown: business re-organizations and an opportunity for fresh start.

My Positives (life changers)

  • Letting Go-surrender what I can’t control
  • Let go of Ego, act with humility and integrity
  • Do what is possible and trust God with the impossible

My Resources (to get things straight)

  • Meditation and Yoga: tune into the awareness frequency.  Stay active, flexible, connected to my surroundings.
  • Ho’oponopono (self-transformation technique).  This ancient Hawaiian clearing process has allowed me to love, forgive and accept myself and thus other people.  Simply repeat as a mantra when meditating: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you. What am I clearing? Any anger, frustration, insecurity, grudges and all negativity that dwells in my subconscious. You need to be honest and willing to change.
  • EFT and auto-suggestion:  tapping, (Emotional Freedom Techniques) help to release negative feelings and beliefs trapped inside of me. Auto suggestion is just that, ways to suggest positive thinking anywhere, anytime.  (Need for information? just Google it! Like I did. Help is just a search away!)
  • Children: my kids are my legacy. I lead them by example and continue to show them love, respect, compassion and gratitude.  I lead and they will follow. When they grow they will be productive individuals with strong values. I promise so!

And for 2011, CONTINUED

My Personal Statement I want to create unlimited wealth to share with the people I love, whenever I want without restrictions for the rest of my life. In turn I will provide my services as a “personal developer”, helping people change and improve their lives.

My Personal Quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in this world”~Gandhi

My Personal Slogan:  “Do what you say you’re going to do”. Inspired by a dear friend to keep my promise to talk the talk and walk the walk.

De-multitasking strategy for 2011:

Setting up Email and office times (following Tim Ferris’ 4HWW strategy) that will free myself from being in front of the PC all the time so I can do fun stuff and take care of my priorities. Handle one thing at the time until completion or becoming proficient at it. This way I can dedicate the time and energy necessary to do it consistently and do it well.

1st. Quarter Goals:

You Improved Book

  • Create audio-book ( English and Spanish)
  • Book translation ( Spanish, Portuguese)
  • eBook creation
  • Web-site and resources to help others change and improve their lives