The 11 Spiritual Truths of an Awakened Soul

The “Great Awakening”  is a personal journey that takes a lifetime to understand but doesn’t have to take a lifetime to become aware of it and accept.

It does requires an open mind, developed over time, not clouded with prejudice, judgements or even by our general sociocultural ideologies.

As for me, life has become brighter, optimistic and more meaningful once I became aware and open to accept it and understand it.

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By Paige Bartholomew, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Sufi Master Teacher and passionate advocate for the healing of all souls.

1) God (All That IS) is our creator.   He is pure love.  He is capable of presenting himself to humans as personal, but He is, at the same time, impersonal, eternal, and unfathomable. He is all that is in every level of existence, physical and non-physical.  God and his creation are ONE.  There is only one being here.

2) God first created humanity, then WE created the world we’re experiencing and all the drama in it. 

3) All of the world that we see is a dream. In reality, we are still with God in heaven – safe – and we are dreaming all of this.

4) Everything we experience in life is a mirror of our own inner beliefs. God does not get involved with this process. He simply allows it to happen as we dream it up.  This is the meaning of “free will”.

5) God doesn’t reward or punish us.  We do that to ourselves by judging ourselves as “good” or “bad”.  God just loves and accepts us in whatever we choose to be, think or feel.

6) Hell isn’t a place – it’s a state of mind.  It is the state of mind we go into when we veer away from the Truth. It feels bad because we (mistakenly) believe we are separate from God.

7) It’s not God’s job to make sure we feel or know him.  God is always present.  God is always revealing Himself to us.  It’s our job to open to his presence.

8)  Prayer is important, but it doesn’t work the way may have been taught.  God doesn’t grant requests.  When we pray for help from God, it opens us to be able to feel His presence.   Things change in our life when we open to His love.  

9)  God is always with us. He does not abandon us.  We are the ones who abandon God. We dream of a world that is scary and separate, forgetting we are in the arms of our beloved at all times. 

10) Just like the traditional religions teach, there are higher worlds than this one. Like the movie, Inception, these worlds look like nesting dolls – a dream within a dream within a dream. 

11)  To move on to the next world after death only takes one thing: forgiveness.  We do not have to be perfect.  We do not have to perform glorious feats of holiness.  We do not have to punish ourselves for mistakes we have made.  We must only forgive.  You’ll know when you’re doing it because you’ll feel acceptance for all things, which brings a feeling of peacefulness.  Forgiveness makes us feel peace.


To My Children, Para Mis Hijos

You are important to me. I love you. You will grow to be a person of character and integrity. You are obedient and very intelligent. You will lead your life following your heart for what is right and good. You will be the person you want to be and do what your heart tells you without worrying what others might think. Your efforts will never be in vain and you will lead a life full of passion, of service to others, full of happiness and good health. You will enjoy of having many true friends because you will care for them and respect them for what they are and they in turn will do the same for you. You will treat others with compassion and justice. Love everything that God has for you every day and take care of the animals and the environment that surrounds you. Be an exemplary human being and many will seek your companionship. More importantly, love yourself because you are special and unique being. God loves you and we, your parents, love you very much.

Tu eres muy importante para mi. Te amo. Creceras para ser una persona de caracter e integridad.  Eres obediente y muy inteligente.  Te guiaras en esta vida dejandote llevar por lo que es justo y bueno. Seras la persona que quieras ser y haras lo que el corazon te dicte sin importar lo que digan los demas. Tus esfuerzos nuncan seran en vano y llevaras una vida llena de pasion , de servico hacia el projimo, llena de felicidad y buena salud. Disfrutaras de la amistad de muchos amigos verdaderos por que tu cuidas de ellos y los respetas como son y ellos haran lo mismo contigo.  Trataras a tu projimo con compasion y justicia. Ama todo lo que Dios te ofrece cada dia y cuida de los animales y la naturaleza que te rodea. Se un ser ejemplar y muchos buscaran tu compañia. Mas importante, amate a ti mismo por que eres un ser especial y unico. Dios te ama y nosotros tus padres te amamos mucho .


Reflecting on 2011

Dear friends,

It has been a long time since my last update.  There is a full range of events happening at this moment, from starting new things, a lot of work in progress on the personal side and eliminating what doesn’t work in my life. This year flew by really and I mean really quick. Where did the time go? A lot of things happened this year both good and not so good. The emotional roller coaster is coming to a full stop at the end of 2011. I can summarize this year as the year of awareness, a year of acceptance and letting go. Many of the things I’ve worried about never materialized, they just didn’t happen or was not the end of the world after all. The little random and spontaneous occurrences were the most significant events of the year after all was said and done. There is a reason for everything, not a coincidence whatsoever. If it didn’t happen, it was not meant to be or happen anyways. Many things did happen, although no exactly as I would have wanted to.

Lesson learned: don’t sweat the small stuff, even if it is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. All will be sort out in due course and it is not my job to be concerned about when, how, why and/or if it will happen. My identity this year was being resilient. Storms did come and caused chaos but the water receded and life went on. It was up to me to stay down or get back up in the saddle, moving forward.

The constant reminder of this year was and IS to live in the NOW, which is what I have in front of me. The rest did unfold according to the master plan of being and doing….God took care of the rest.
Recently, I took a week-long road trip and had the opportunity to spend time alone. Real solitude to clear my mind, reflecting on this year’s events and preparing for the year 2012….”The comeback year”. I took time to be still, to quiet my mental monkeys and become aware with my surroundings. Everything I’d listen to, what I researched online and the documentaries I watched resonates with my body’s internal energy. I took a step deeper and looked into my Chakras ( my body’s energy channels)  to identify and understand  what could be blocking  or preventing me from creating the life I want.

I was able to identify deficiencies in my lower Chakras that could be interfering with creating the life that I truly want. All the symptoms pointed to my base, sacral and solar plexus Chakras.  It was a relief to finally come to this discovery. I’ve cleared my life clutter and set a priority to strengthen the energy of my chakras for 2012. But I am not waiting for the turn of the year; I am working on it right now. Why wait?

I am also de-multitasking my book project and going for the audio-book format in English and Spanish. Looking for a good microphone and recording software.

That is all for now, though there is much more to be, do, and have. I just don’t want to get caught up in the rush of things and prefer take one day, one moment at the time.

I thank you for listening and look forward to read or hear about your accomplishments and resolutions for the New Year. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012.

Letting Go and Let God Take Control

I could say that 2011 was a foul year and in part it is the ugly truth but not so entirely. Yes, my business has suffered huge losses and many of my goals that I had projected for each quarter were delay to a grinding stop. However there has been things happening, certain circumstances and events that have changed this year’s gloomy outlook. Despite of living in a world of uncertainties, fear and challenges, I have a much clear perspective of how things are developing for me. See, God has a master plan for me. The problem is that I don’t know what it is and that sole fact frustrates me deeply. Throughout the year, I have gone up and down like a twisting roller coaster, trying to “figure out” what is God’s plan for me. I have traveled great distances in silence, listening to self-help audiobooks and reflecting on what I can do to change my current life to the life I really dream about.  I asked God to show his plans to me. I wasn’t expecting an ominous revelation of God’s plans to me; I didn’t expect him to come down in a cloud and speak directly to me. Though that would have been nice to see it happen, what I really wanted was to “know” where was I going and what to do with my life forward. I was looking for a sign, a feeling that will lead me towards my dreams.  I got really frustrated when I got no answer, no signs, no revelation of what to do, where to go and how to do whatever I’m supposed to do. Again, It was all left out to me to figure it out and that angered me. It got even worse when my life turned upside down with financial problems, a slow business and  money was getting scarce. I focused on my problems and that is exactly what I got, more problems.

As things were getting worse, I always turned to God for answers.  Again, He did not speak to me directly but something else was happening. When things were going from bad to worse, when I was at the end of my rope or so I thought, a solution will show itself and saved the day. I don’t know when or how it happened but started to trust blindly that it will happen again.  I was not disappointed. Naturally, I wanted more and more but  that was not the way God has it for me. I long ago concluded that  everything happens for a reason and God will show His will to me in due time. He wanted  me to do something though, to let go of the controls and let Him take over.  Though I resisted in the beginning and still do sometimes, letting go of what I can’t control has allowed me to see where I am going and what to do with my life. The revelation was short of spectacular:  be grateful for everything I have and enjoy life now with the people who I love.

With this new perspective in my life, I can’t wait to receive 2012.

MacGyver and Motorcycles

I love riding  motorcycles. It is one of my passions.   I got hooked with  riding since I got my first taste four years ago. It’s freedom; me and the open road.  The feeling of warm air hitting my face and the roaring of my motorcycle, cruising through Central Florida’s roads . Not a damn despair. It is a very good feeling man! Florida’s best attractions for bikers like me are the bike rallies. During the month of October is Bikertoberfest in Daytona Beach. Four days of bike rallies, rides and events for the motorcycle enthusiasts. To me, these days are treated like sacred, trying to attend as many days I can possibly ride. This year I was going out-of-town for work so my riding days were limited.

It was Friday morning and I was ready to roll out on my bike to Daytona’s Biketoberfest. I got dressed, rolled the bike out and cranked it up. The day was clear and beautiful. It was a sign of the wonderful ride I was going to have, or not…As I kicked the stand up, I said a little prayer for a safe ride and rode off. I was listening to music approaching the traffic light near home when the bike suddenly died on me. I tried couple times to crank the engine but felt like it had no juice. I knew I had to put gas but  knew that it was not out of fuel. Since things have happened to me lately in unusual ways, I immediately looked up for answers. I asked  God“ you don’t want me to go, is that it?” I didn’t get an answer of course , so I started to troubleshoot my bike. 

Whenever I am stuck in a situation that requires troubleshooting, I like to call out MacGyver, the cool TV action hero from years back who was very resourceful finding solutions in difficult situations with whatever he had at hand.  He could fix a computer with a paperclip and duct tape. I got my tool bag out where I keep the essential tools for a mechanical breakdown according with MacGyver standards. I knew it my problem was electric; there was no juice going to the ignition coils. fortunately, I was close to home, so I rolled the bike back pushing it like a kid’s bicycle. My legs were screaming and I still have to push the bike up the driveway. MacGyver will not give up now though, so I continued. I did the spark test and as suspected, no spark. Damn, how this happen? What’s going on? Where is the lesson to learn here? I did not give up; though I complain about the unfairness of the situation. What do you want me to do?, I asked. If God knew that I wanted to go very bad, then why this suddenly  happened to me? Knowing there is nothing to dwell into self-pity, I continued with the troubleshooting. What will McGyver will do?  I checked the coil and the spark plugs. I made some calls to my mechanic and the dealer to find out about coils replacement. Both of the answers I got where not what I wanted to hear. Either I had to tow the bike to the shop so my mechanic can troubleshoot it or had to pay hundreds of dollars in getting the coils replaced even though no one had the coils in stock. They had to be ordered. Everything was pointing out to the sad conclusion that I was not going to be able to ride to Biketoberfest this time. But, I did not quit. I found hope searching articles online trying to find other possible solutions. MacGyver didn’t have this aid available in his time. I found what I was looking for from a motorcycle forum. In trying to narrow down the issue, looking for other causes than the coils, I found that the ignition switch may be the cause. I remember that it rain hard when I rode  yesterday and the bike got  totally wet. Turns out that the switch cylinder got wet and short-circuit the contacts so it was not delivering the juice the coils need to crank the motor up. Rocket science really! I removed the ignition switch housing with great difficulty. The bolts did not want to come out and the bolt thread was threatening to strip. I didn’t have the right tools and was working with what I got, the MacGyver way. Finally I got them out, removed the ignition switch, blew inside with compressed air, sealed it with electrical tape and Vrooom!, I was riding in less than two hours.  I was beaming with a MacGyver grin on my face.

I guess that the lesson learned here is to never give up, even if the signs and hidden messages seemed to tell otherwise. There was a strong determination for me to go riding and I was not deterred by setbacks. I am sure that if it wasn’t meant to be, I would have conceded but again, I did not feel any internal buzzing telling me not to go so I persisted until I succeeded.  I am glad that I did it; I had a great time riding with my friends, looked at cool bikes and mingled with a lot of people.  I have experienced the crazy things you see only on Main St., Daytona Beach and I had a blast. I know MacGyver would have been proud of me too. I could hear him saying “You can do anything you want to do, if you put your mind to it”.

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Dear Self

Dear self: I wanted to let you know, if you haven’t realized it already, that I have been away  for a while and will be back soon. I went out looking for answers.  Last time,  the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental houses had a very weak foundation and we have searched for ways to make them stronger. We have gone great lengths, trying several methods to improve the quality of the foundation. The results were a mix of  a variety of  feelings, beliefs, routines and attitudes poured all together to make a good personal foundation.  A lot has been built over this foundation over time to create the person  living today.  However over the years,  I have noticed excessive stress over these four foundations.  Too much pressure has been applied and the foundations have started to crack. I tried to warn you but you were busy worrying too much about your external circumstances. When it got out of hand, it prompted a thorough evaluation. Further inspection suggested that a lack of consistency in the materials used to create the foundation could have been the cause of a weak foundation. Without constant maintenance, the foundations weaken which bring us to the current matter at hand. 

At the moment I am lost. My internal GPS lost its signal somewhere along the road and my navigation skills are being challenged.  I got so used to rely on my GPS and now I am looking for directions the old fashion way as we continue to move forward.  Do not worry, don’t panic, everything will be alright. I am  learning how to ask for help. I admit that I don’t get the answers when I want to. I don’t like that but I have come to understand that  it is best not to know all the answers. Sometimes we want to and we do whatever it takes to make it happen. However things still didn’t happen the way we wanted and forcing things were disrupting the flow of what it is meant to happen which it will happen anyway. There is a reason for that. What is  best is to trust in God, the greatest navigation system. He will show the way in due time whether we like it or not. So hang tight; in the meantime take care of yourself and have faith self because upon my return we will be going places.

Truly yours,

Your Soul

Here are some things we should always remember

The most useless thing to do_______WORRY

The greatest joy is in___________GIVING

The greatest loss is the___LOSS of SELF-RESPECT

The most satisfying work______HELPING OTHERS

The ugliest personality trait____SELFISHNESS

The greatest thief of time________PROCRASTINATION

The most endangered species________DEDICATED LEADERS

The greatest shot in the arm__________ENCOURAGEMENT

The greatest problem to overcome_______F-E-A-R

The most effective sleeping pill_______PEACE of MIND

The most crippling failure disease___EXCUSES

The greatest teacher _________ OUR MISTAKES

The most powerful force in life_____L-O-V-E

The most dangerous pariah___________A GOSSIPER

The softest pillow is a _______CLEAR CONSCIENCE

The worlds most incredible computer__The BRAIN

The worst thing to be without__________H-O-P-E

The deadliest weapon________________THE TONGUE

The two most power-filled words___I CAN

The greatest asset______________F-A-I-T-H

The most terrible human emotion___JEALOUSY

The most worthless emotion__________SELF-PITY

The most prized possession____________INTEGRITY

The most beautiful attire_________________A SMILE

The most contagious spirit________________ENTHUSIASM

The most powerful channel of communication__PRAYER

The most important thing in life is_____G-O-D.

*Source unknown

God’s Pep Talk

I drove this morning for two hours in total reflection with the Universe; no radio, no music, nada…just me, myself and God. I like my quiet time with God and I’m not shy about it.  I appreciate the stillness of the morning, the awakening of a new day and the unknown opportunities that will bring.  I reach out to the Heavens looking for guidance, to praise and appreciate the blessings that I have. Sometimes, I call out my higher power, that is God,  to strengthen my faith , to give me hope when things are not going the way I would like it to. For these instances, I break my silence with a ” Good Morning God, I need a pep talk”.  I call out all my frustrations and worries and ask for guidance to resolve them. Then… I listen. I do nothing more than to drive in silence, being sensible and aware because… God is talking to me. He tells me that hat everything will be alright. It may seem dark at the moment, but don’t lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you’ll get there. God won’t abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright. It takes time to pay up to get what you want so do what you have to do and let me take care of how it will happen. “Help Yourself and the heavens will help you”.  Do make those phone calls, send those e-mails, do the research and let me take care of the rest, of  what I think it is impossible. That he will  make everything possible and will put the right people at the right time along my path. This God’s collaboration effort with me; our mutual cooperation with the universe. So carrying on with Bob Marley’s tune, I sing…“Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little
thing gonna be all right. Singin’: “Don’t worry

Doing God’s will

Drove Karymar to school today. On my way back home I saw a homeless man resting on a corner, reading.  God told me at that moment to turn around a pay a visit to this man. Two traffic lights later I made a U-turn and parked by where the man was seated. He was a white man in his 50’s and he was reading the bible seating on top of his belongings. His bicycle was couple feet away, holding a sign that read “need $3.00 for shelter, God Bless”.  I said good morning and he replied back with enthusiasm. I asked him how he is doing. He said that he is improving, that now he realizes that it is his fault and he is paying for his sins to be saved by the grace of God.  I mention that God wanted me to stop by and talk to you and he told me that that is God’s will. I asked him to read a passage of the bible and he did. He read John 3:16 to 20 explaining in his own words the meaning of God’s word. I never had anyone that I remember read the bible directly to me and I smiled in appreciation for this moment. We talked for a little while and then I departed. I offered him the $3.00 dollars he needed for the shelter and a little more. He explained to me what he will do with the money and what he used to do with it. I am glad that he is using it well and that he is, despite of his current situation, at peace with life and with God.  What a morning blessing! I was filled with emotion on my way back home, filled with happiness because God employed me to do his bidding and I responded to his will. Nothing can ruin this day for it started on a much higher note and I will reflect this joy I am feeling back to the people I meet and interact with  today because that is what God wants me to do. So thy will be done…

Ask and you shall receive

When situations happen in your life, ask for what you really want, set the intention to receive it and let it go. I just did it and you guess it, I got what I wanted! There is no need to focus my energy in what I cannot control, that is wondering why things are happening to me or why people are this way or that, what do they think about me or worse what’s going to happen now?, etc. I have no control over what is already done nor do I have control over the circumstances that are happening right now in my life. I do however have control choosing what to do to whatever happens in my life forward, what I think and how I think and what I can do right now to make things happen. What I cannot do, I leave it to God, my higher power. I like to think of it this way “do what is possible and leave God with the impossible”. Once I do that, I let it go and trust that it will be done. From now on try asking yourself the basic question, “What do I want and how can I get it?” and listen to your inner wisdom for guidance.  Then ask for help or guidance from people dear to you, people you respect and value their opinion and get to work in doing what you can. If you think you don’t have anyone to turn to (hard to believe), then turn into your inner guidance and trust that an answer will come. It may not be the right answer logically or what you expect to hear but trust that it will be done. It is a process that requires practice but it gets easier if you just turn inwards and listen. Have faith, believe it will be done and forget about it knowing that God and the universe will make sure that whatever you want becomes your reality. That doesn’t mean you sit idle wishing for things to happen no, you already have done anything in your power to bring your dreams and goals closer, you have done your part and now just have to set the intention out to the universe and let it go so then you can receive what is yours.