Absolutely and Positively Yes, I AM Doing It!


It’s never the right time or ideal  circumstances. Time doesn’t wait for you and your current circumstances are the platform to take on new opportunities  and build the life you always wanted.

Don’t make excuses or justify why you’re not doing this and that or procrastinate about it.  Neither play down the efforts of those who are being, doing and having the life they want. If you cannot join or lead them , then get out of their way.

Do something every day that will get you closer to your dreams.
Write down a goal and start working on it. The details will work out for themselves. You just need to get started and right now it’s the best time.

It won’t be easy, you know that; it may be challenging, of course it will be. Anything unknown creates uncertainty and even fear. However, it doesn’t have to be.
Embrace challenges; accept them as they are and turn them into oppotunities if you just step of of your comfort  zone and take the first step.

It will be challenging but I tell you, it will be totally worth it.  A year from today, you’ll look back only to see how far you’ve gone.

So go on, get started!


Financial Freedom Manifesto

I created a financial freedom manifesto as a way to pass my thoughts into paper so when I do accomplish financial independence, I have an action list to start working immediately. I felt that since everything starts with a thought, that thought must be transferred into something tangible like in paper not just a dream or a mere wish list floating in my mind. In this manifesto, I wrote everything I have thought to be, do and have on a larger scale when the opportunity is presented, what I am going to do in some detail and how I will do it. It also explains with whom I will share this experience and why. It shares my mission and long-term vision of my goals, the life I will lead and the legacy I will build for the generations after me. Creating this manifesto seals my commitment to take an altruistic approach of my life for a greater good at a different level from what I am doing now , knowing what needs to be done and why I am doing it not just dreaming about it and wish to come true. Manifesting it as if already happened makes me feel even better, as if it is happening now and I know it will in due time. I will be ready so when it does happen, I will take action without hesitation.

It’s not enough to aim, you must hit

It is an Italian proverb that I see every day when I get on my truck and go to work.  It is one of few key personal quotes I have selected over the years and placed on the back of the windshield,  at the visor level, just for me to  see.  These are significant to me; words that truly motivates , inspire, and moves me forward. It reminds me that the things I think and dream about being, doing and having and want so much in my life will not matter at all if  don’t get on and start doing them. I can aim for a better future, financial independence, be great at this, do and have that, but if I don’t follow through, organize my goals, set a plan to carry them out and  do them, I will end up with nothing but wishful thinking and frustration. It is all beautiful and so right inside my mind; I can see myself achieving everything that I have thought about, realizing my dreams, making reality of what I deeply want and so righteously deserve. However, sometime ago, it was all just that wishful thinking. I would dream about becoming a better person , doing and having the things I like, but none of that happened and I became frustrated with my life. It was until I decided to do something to realize my goals,  set in motion my plans, organizing and taking action that I started to attract what I was looking for.

Even just doing something  was not enough. I would lose my momentum at some point because of  external circumstances, lost sight of what I was taking aim and  discarded  the idea or replaced the goal by something more urgent, more real and easy.  I needed a constant reminder to follow through, to carry on with the plan.  Looking for help online, I found many resources for goal setting, achieving dreams and much more. I subscribed to daily quote reminders and been receiving daily motivating and empowering messages for years. These help me to stay focused on my targets.  So I am thankful for  appreciating the meaning of this proverb because to me sets the intention, to  continue to improve and move forward doing everything possible to hit what I am aiming for.

Chronicles of Ian Karlo: the graveyard shift

Is nighttime, is it? or is it morning already? I don’t know I keep losing track of time and everything else that makes sense. I was dreaming about? Eh? Don’t remember, but it was a good one for sure. I wonder if I can go back to sleep and continue with my dream. What was that? I open one eye and it is dark for sure in our bedroom, only the track light shinning dimly silhouettes on the wall.  I close my eyes again in search for that wonderful dream I don’t remember. What is that noise? Could it be? I open my eyes, raised my head and I look at a bassinet next to my bed. In it sleeps my son, only that he is not asleep, but fidgeting again. Could he be hungry again? I thought. When was the last time he ate? it seemed like seconds ago. What’s going on? Silence reigns again and I immediately fall asleep. Then a distinctive cry breaks the silence, rising slowly louder and louder. My son has woken up, activating his hunger alarm. I look at my wife, “the kitchen”, provider of my son’s food and she is non-responsive. I nudge her and she opens one eye as if she can just shut it and go back to sleep. The cry grows even louder, getting my wife’s full attention now. She slowly sits up and arranges a barricade of pillows to support her. Already in position, half asleep, I hand her over our son, but when did I pick him up? I can’t tell is a blur to me. One thing for sure, somehow I always know where his head is as if I am only holding my son’s head without a body…weird! The graveyard shift has started, feeding our son and changing diapers. Those are the only tasks to do at a rate of every one and half to two hours time. If we do the math it is roughly, let see…a diaper change times every time he is fed…um…well over a hundred diaper changes already. My job is to handle my boy to “the kitchen”, which is always open, and change his diaper, that’s it. I immediately go to sleep once I do the first part of my duty, only to wake up again to change his diaper. “I just gave him to you” I mumble, it seems like seconds ago. Before she handles the boy back to me there are some preparations in order. I get the “tools” and materials from a nearby table to prepare for the dirty job where things sometimes happen unexpectedly. I am so tired that I might just say to myself “That diaper looks fine, I think I’ll just put him back in his bassinet” and go to sleep. Something always tells me to check his diaper whether is my wife muttering something half asleep or a voice in my head? I don’t know, but I check his diaper and sure enough, it needs to be changed almost all the time. One instance, I didn’t think he needed change and reluctantly checked his diaper…I just wanted to go back to sleep and continue with my wonderful unfinished dreams. This time to my surprise, as soon as I opened his bulging diaper, I found the mother load and my son greeted me with a waterworks display that surely woke me up. He peed on me and on my bed; it was a powerful squirt and also very warm.  “What the heck” I said, looking at the disaster and to my wife. We just laughed at the moment, but my boy wasn’t so keen about why we were laughing and was getting annoyed by it, screaming top of his lungs. Invariably after I change his diaper, I hand the boy over to “the kitchen” for seconds just to hear my son doing his business on the clean and fresh diaper I recently changed. “ I just changed that diaper son, so you just going to have to hold it until the next round”, I declared and nose-dive on my bed, fast asleep to be woken up seconds later to put him back on his bed or ….to give it back to the kitchen? I don’t know I just want to sleep!