Las Cronicas de Mi Abuelo: El Ledger de Mi Abuelo ( My Grampa’s Ledger)

Hace un tiempo atrás recibí por parte de mi querida Tía un libro que le pertenecía a mi Abuelo. Ella me lo envió pensando que al yo haber escrito un libro recientemente, disfrutaría  leer los pensamientos y visiones personales de mi Abuelo. Ella no se equivocó; para mí es un honor recibir este libro. Mi abuelo murió hace 13 años, a la edad de 87 años y siempre lo recuerdo como una persona carismática y de muy buen humor. Cuando recibí el libro, me llene de mucha alegría y nostalgia recordando a mi Abuelo.  La caratula del libro refleja sus años, sus páginas amarillas del tiempo pasado. Tener el libro en mis manos es como un viaje al pasado, visitando los pensamientos y el punto de vista de mi Abuelo leyendo páginas con fechas desde 1963. En la primera página me doy cuenta de que este libro está marcado como el número dos Me encantarían leer el primero. Mi abuelo le puso de título a su libro muy apropiadamente ” La Fuente de Oro” por las riquezas en principios escrito en  sus páginas. Es mi intención transcribir sus pensamientos aquí en este blog, haciéndole un tributo  a ese gran hombre a quien siempre admire. Aquí continuo con humildad el trabajo  que el comenzó hace medio siglo atrás.

En honor a mi Abuelo

Some time ago, I received from my dear aunt a book that belonged to my Grandfather. She sent it to me thinking that since I wrote a book juts recently, I will enjoy his book. She was not mistaken; to me it is an honor to receive this book. My Grandfather dies 13 years ago, he was 87 years old. I always remembered him as a charismatic person with a great sense of humor. When I received the book, I was filled with joy and nostalgia remembering my Grandfather, mi Abuelo. The book cover reflected the years; the yellow pages its age. Holding this book in my hands is like a trip back in time visiting mi Abuelo’s thoughts and his point of view reading pages dating back in 1963. On the first page I noticed that mi Abuelo named his book “the fountain of gold” or “the source of gold” very appropriate because of the wealth of principles written in its pages. It is my intention to transcript his thoughts here in this blog, making a tribute to the great man I’ve always admired. Here I humbly continue with the work he started half a century ago.

In honor of mi Abuelo

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it’s much better to write it

Looking back on my last entry on this goal, everything I wrote 8 months ago happened, I DID IT! I wrote the book! It has been a unique experience of learning and doing, taking risks and facing adversity. I started to write this book right away without caring about organization and making sense. I discover that I have gone way back in my journey of self growth, sharing my experiences with other people, living life the way I wanted to be. My intentions were set to create my guide on personal growth based on the experiences I lived during this past decade. I thought that if it helped me , it can help anyone who would like to change and improve their lives. As expected, the rest DID unfold as I progressed over the months.

Milestone achieved!

A decade ago I started to read and listen to personal development material and taking notes of anything important on the subject. I always have been interested in personal growth and soon started to apply what I learned in my life. I collected hundreds of post it notes, pieces of paper and just about anything that I could write on with information bits of the material I just read or listen. Hundreds of notes unorganized in my car and home and filed away. A friend of mine suggested to put those notes on an MS Word document and so I did. Months later I took the task to organize what I had and try to make sense of it. That lead to the idea of sharing my lessons and experiences of my life with others thus GMAN 2.0 blog was born. With the help of people I love and respect,an idea to write a book about something I am passionate about started to take shape. I never thought I would write let alone finish a book.

It has been work in progress, part of my personal growth over the past 10 years, but it became a reality during this current year, a year of struggle. The result of hard work, dedication, asking the right question and listening with intention is a finished book about personal growth, about change and it is now in the process of being published, self -publish that is. My life has changed so much in the past decade and continues to improve. I am so grateful for everything that God has put in my path. There is a reason for everything in life, do what is possible and leave it to God for the impossible.

How to write a book

“a life changing experience”

How I did it:

  1. Write daily notes about everything you like, aspire or care about. Doesn’t matter if it makes any sense now.
  2. Put those notes on a MS Word document
  3. Organize your thought. Ask for help of friend or family. Don’t be too critical of yourself or others. Let it flow.
  4. Get help from the right people. Invest in what is worth for you. Never sacrifice quality over cheap.
  5. be grateful every day of your progress and let it show.
  6. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Your book is a reflection of you and how others will perceive you. Be real!

Lessons & tips: You never know what’s ahead until you get there.
Don’t let anyone tell you  why it can’t be done or talk you out of your goal.
Stay on the job until finish, but don’t stress too much about it. Live life 🙂

Resources: Go to Download the publishing basics guide and read it.
Read any book or audio-books about self help, personal growth, motivation and inspiration…or whatever you’re into.
Keep a personal daily log for for accountability. You will be surprised how much this will help you.

It took me 10 years.

It made me feel accomplished