In Search for a Healthier Beer


It’s Friday night “healthier beer” showdown: the Irish stout vs. the American lager.  On the left corner elegantly dress in noir, with an impressive score card of 125 cal. and 9.9 carbs. the Guinness Draught. On the right corner with an even lower score card of 95 cals. and 2.6 carbs, the underdog,  Michelob Ultra. 


Tasting: both light beers washes down well. I don’t feel bloated like a toad and they’re very low on the guilt factor on my waistline for a beer or two. The Ultra goes with anything; refreshing to suit my taste buds. Now, the Guinness flavor is unique. It is a beer for that special occasion with class and body but not overpowering to have me belching my full name in mid sentence.

The verdict:  both are winners on my narrow list of alcoholic beverage selection. They’re  worthy of fridge space in my house for that special occasion or whenever I feel like it 😉