The 11 Spiritual Truths of an Awakened Soul

The “Great Awakening”  is a personal journey that takes a lifetime to understand but doesn’t have to take a lifetime to become aware of it and accept.

It does requires an open mind, developed over time, not clouded with prejudice, judgements or even by our general sociocultural ideologies.

As for me, life has become brighter, optimistic and more meaningful once I became aware and open to accept it and understand it.

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By Paige Bartholomew, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Sufi Master Teacher and passionate advocate for the healing of all souls.

1) God (All That IS) is our creator.   He is pure love.  He is capable of presenting himself to humans as personal, but He is, at the same time, impersonal, eternal, and unfathomable. He is all that is in every level of existence, physical and non-physical.  God and his creation are ONE.  There is only one being here.

2) God first created humanity, then WE created the world we’re experiencing and all the drama in it. 

3) All of the world that we see is a dream. In reality, we are still with God in heaven – safe – and we are dreaming all of this.

4) Everything we experience in life is a mirror of our own inner beliefs. God does not get involved with this process. He simply allows it to happen as we dream it up.  This is the meaning of “free will”.

5) God doesn’t reward or punish us.  We do that to ourselves by judging ourselves as “good” or “bad”.  God just loves and accepts us in whatever we choose to be, think or feel.

6) Hell isn’t a place – it’s a state of mind.  It is the state of mind we go into when we veer away from the Truth. It feels bad because we (mistakenly) believe we are separate from God.

7) It’s not God’s job to make sure we feel or know him.  God is always present.  God is always revealing Himself to us.  It’s our job to open to his presence.

8)  Prayer is important, but it doesn’t work the way may have been taught.  God doesn’t grant requests.  When we pray for help from God, it opens us to be able to feel His presence.   Things change in our life when we open to His love.  

9)  God is always with us. He does not abandon us.  We are the ones who abandon God. We dream of a world that is scary and separate, forgetting we are in the arms of our beloved at all times. 

10) Just like the traditional religions teach, there are higher worlds than this one. Like the movie, Inception, these worlds look like nesting dolls – a dream within a dream within a dream. 

11)  To move on to the next world after death only takes one thing: forgiveness.  We do not have to be perfect.  We do not have to perform glorious feats of holiness.  We do not have to punish ourselves for mistakes we have made.  We must only forgive.  You’ll know when you’re doing it because you’ll feel acceptance for all things, which brings a feeling of peacefulness.  Forgiveness makes us feel peace.