What It Takes to Make the Change


Our brain is wired to manifest whatever we think the most. For years, I had the intention to make changes and sincerely wanted change. However, my actions did not correlate to what I deeply wanted. I was more on the surface; a wish of short-term goals and instant gratifications. I didn’t realize this because my mind was constantly bombarded by external influences like television, gossip, daily worries and other distractions to infinity.

Garbage IN-Garbage OUT

An internal commitment to change and be disciplined enough to discern what is bad for me versus what is good does make a difference. Later I was able to define it like this: “added value”. Asking questions like “ does this ( thing, TV program, book, word, action) adds value to my life?” helped me to developed a higher standard to what I let inside my mind. Though I cannot take the ostrich approach to everything I face every day, I have the power to choose. Everything I meet whether good or bad does come with a lesson within or an experience that it must happen to decide what is of “added value” and be kept and what is not and be discarded.

Changing my thoughts to change and improve my life is my personal never-ending challenge. Once I had realized this is the key to positive changes in my life, I plunged boldly into self-programming: Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Brainwave Entrainment (BE).

There are couple things that must take place ( at least to me) before crossing over to real change: motivation, understanding, and determination.

I was really sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is not just a form of expression. I was absolutely mentally, physically and spiritually sick and tired of how I was handling my life. For some it is just that gut feeling, constant nagging every day. That preoccupation that something is amiss. For others, like me is hitting rock bottom having experience something so dramatic that there is no turning back.

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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” that became my personal mantra. A quest to become stronger, wiser and a better person than I was yesterday, the last hour, this past second. This is my motivation; to improve the latest version of me: Version 2.0.

I wanted to take a different route than the traditional faith-based approach to really understand what was going on with me. Through some counseling and personal research, I came to understand that to change what was happening inside my brain and what was influencing my behavior, I needed to go deep into the cellular level of my brain. I just didn’t jump blindly into Brain Entrainment nor I put all my eggs in one basket. What I mean I did my research through reading, counseling and even taking classes and lectures about the Brain, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Addictions, Neurons, on an on. I wanted to understand the science behind it and both sides of the coin. This understanding  it’s a work in progress, not an overnight thing. You will be disappointed to try for a few weeks and then dropping it all because you think nothing is happening or you just don’t get it. Do your own research like I did. What works for me may not work for you. We are all unique people and each brain is uniquely wired and operates  however the owner wants it to.

This takes an 80/20 approach: 80% mental effort (internal) and 20% the rest (external). What I mean is that It works if you believe it works. All the self-help books, classes and gadgets available out there will only input 20% of what you want as the result. No amount of money or time will create permanent changes for you unless you have your mindset into what you want and have the determination to follow through.

Like the saying goes “if you think it will work, you’re right, if you don’t think it will work, you’re right too”.

It is most important to understand and accept this. Believe that it will and do whatever is necessary until the results are evident. Then keep it up as it becomes part of your lifestyle for life. No short cuts here. Change and improvement is a 24/7 operation. Drop your guard and you will be absorbed by the negativity of the world, the mundane and mediocre. You may find yourself right where you started.

And that is why you wanted to make that change in the first place right?


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