Training and Managing the Mind


Agree? I do! it is a never-ending effort because, unlike managing  physical tasks and activities, whatever goes inside your mind it’s the force that drives your life. It walks with you, goes to work with you and even goes to bed with you. Train the mind to see the positives in every outcome, the solutions rather than the problems. Train it using whatever necessary means to achieve whatever it is you want to be, do and have.
The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It thrives when is constantly challenged with positive growth or withers without use or idleness. The results of its use mirrors out in every aspect of your life.

Managing your thoughts: choosing what to take in and what to discard, prioritizing short and long- term goals, dreams, and activities. Choosing to let go of the past, when to do it and how. What to take with you as lessons and experiences to the present and into the future. All this requires dedication, determination, and mental discipline.

Whatever it is, it  first formulates inside the mind. Then engages the spirit through emotions and character. The body has no other choice but to follow the mind and
the results are happiness and contentment with the life you lead.