9- Breathings for Purification and TSA Lung Practice



9-Breathings of Purification

Imagine a blue color center channel running through your chakras. Your right side (nostril) color is white and the left is red. Visualize as you do the breathing; air entering through nostrils and taking all negativity out when exhaling. Sit cross-legged, body straight yet relaxed, hands overlapped, resting on lap with palms up.
1st. Anger release: with your left hand thumb at base of ring finger. Hold left nostril and breathe through right nostril. Hold and switch hands blocking right nostril. Release air through left nostril. Do this 3X
2nd. Attachment release: with your right hand thumb at base of ring finger, hold right nostril and breathe through left nostril. Hold and switch hands blocking left nostril. Release air through right nostril. Do this 3X
3rd. Ignorance release: deep breath trough both nostrils 3X. full exhale, purifying body of any negativity

TSA Lung Practice
Inhale-Hold- Re-inhale and hold ( do exercise)- Exhale
1. Neck rotations: opens throat chakra
2. Hearth chakra opening: extend right arm out and rotate over head and out 5x. Then shoulder rotation. Repeat Left side.
3. Navel rotation: rotate at navel. Start counter-clock wise 5 x then switch
4. Pervasive wind: extend arms out and clap above head. Rub your head, face and entire body. Shoot, like having bow and arrow, each side 5X
5. Downwind Clearing-Sacral. Sit cross legged, raise knees. Hold left knee and rotate body in circular motion. Switch to right side 5X’s. Then grab both knees and rotate body in a circular motion 5X’s.