Combat Mastery Systema Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev

I had the great opportunity to experience three days of intensive training in the Russian Martial Art of Systema with  Vladimir Vasiliev and fellow Systema practitioners. It was the Systema seminar in Combat Mastery hosted by my friend and instructor Kenny Gonzalez from Tampa.  Training started on Friday night with Frank Fileti from the New York Systema school. It was a good preparation for the two days ahead, focusing on movement and relaxation. On Saturday morning, I was ready and so other 120 friends who share the same passion for this practical and effective martial art.

For those who have trained with Vladimir Vasiliev, and even those who had their first experience in Systema, we were not disappointed. Watching Vladimir move is like watching someone dancing but with precise movements and effective strikes. His movements are relaxed with no tension and thus very powerful when connecting with the opponent.  Overall the seminar met my expectations. I learned how to move properly without creating tension, how to release tension when it builds up in my body with proper breathing techniques and  how to strike to move my opponent.

The best aspect of this seminar is the attitude of everyone who attended. There were no ego’s involved so there were no conflicts. It is so awesome to train with so many people from different backgrounds and martial arts disciplines and come out satisfied, in good camaraderie and even a good laugh. That alone is what I love about Systema Looking forward to the next event.


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