The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: Dos años

April 16 2012 marked the second birthday of our son, Ian Karlo. Dos añitos!  Our baby is still a baby to us. We love his smile, his noble eyes and everything else about him. Up to this date, Ian Karlo does all the things a child of his age do: he likes to run not walk, grab anything he can get a hold on claiming is his and then throws them around like a boss. He graduated from his safe start swimming classes and loves and I mean loves the water. He absolutely loves cars and motorcycles too making me a proud Dad. He rides around the house on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and know where to turn the bike on and off. He flips everything that has wheels upside down to see the wheels turn. His vocabulary has expanded since the ear tubes. His words of choice are: “eche” for milk in Spanish, vroom-vroom every time he plays with his cars or  making sounds like a truck when he plays with his Tonka truck. He says nite-nite, oh-oh, bye-bye, “aimar” to call his sister Karymar, “aqui” for here in Spanish, “a comer” to eat and pretty much repeats everything you say to him. He melts me down everything he calls me ” Papi” with a long “Paaaapiiii”. He likes to draw too with his two hands and at the same time.He is also another resident on duty letting us, Mom and Dad, know how important he and his big sister are in our lives.  We had a little “Sponge-Bob” theme birthday celebration at our house with family and friends. Now he is getting into the so-called “terrible two’s”  but we are not worried. We know he’ll do it his way and under the watchful eye of his big sister, he will be okay.

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