Kony 2012 Cover the Night

After a long, anticipated wait, I received my Kony 2012 “Take Action Kit” just in time for the “Cover the Night event”.  On April 20th. , our family got together to promote justice for Joseph Kony. Despite of all the hype and criticism received by the Invisible Children movement, we decided that it is not our job to judge whether the movement is legit or a scam. Let it be to God to decide. We were glad to do something good regardless of what’s being said and hung up posters with the intention of making a difference.  As we drove around town looking for places to hang up the posters, our daughter, Karymar, read Kony’s story to us. We want her to understand who is Joseph Kony and the terrible things he has done. It was a good night despite of the rain. We bonded, as a family, for what we think is a great cause, speaking out for those who can’t.

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