On Winning The Lottery

Is Wednesday, that special day. You know what’s coming, it’s the lottery draw. I have my lucky numbers ready, do you? I have always dreamed about winning the lottery. Who hasn’t? For some it is the greatest dream; the start of a new life, a second chance or for many people like me…the retirement plan. The time is near; turn on the TV and find the local channel playing the numbers. Meanwhile the level of  anxiety and anticipation builds up.  While waiting for the drawing to start, the mind drifts away dreaming about the places to go, the things to do and buy with the lottery winnings. Happiness at last! At that moment, not one thing in the world can erase the huge smile on the face and it is almost like breaking a trance when the announcer comes on the TV. You hold your breath and pray to God that you are the jackpot winner,while making promises to change your ways and do good “if” you win.  All your problems will immediately disappear if winning the lottery.

We are all familiar with these feelings aren’t we? But how disappointing it is when the numbers drawn are not our numbers? We slam the fist hard on the table, swear loudly and probably curse the winner who won our lottery.  There goes our  chance to make it better, we say. The kid’s college fund, our dream house, new car and our retirement plan all up in smoke. The pity party goes on and on. We needed that, we wanted that.

Maybe and this is just a maybe, we were destined not to win right from the beginning. What ? hang on for a second. What if  wanting so much to win the lottery, wanting so much to win so we can be happy, have things and go places, is the very thing that make us not to win? Could it be? Well, we attract what we think and that is true so far. So, how come we want to attract money by winning the lottery  but we end up with nothing but frustration and sadness? I believe some of the reasons lies with our true intentions. We want to win, we need to win. We think about ourselves and thousands of reasons we should win. What we are also doing is sending a wave of desperation for winning that  attracts the very opposite of it. I think of Joe Vitale  when I think on this. He says that to attract something  we must not have a need for it. That’s right, we may want it, but not needed in order for us to be happy. We should be happy now with what we have and share it with others. Then and only then we can attract what we really want.

So next time you play the lottery instead of thinking that you need to win so you can be happy, change your intentions.  Many State lottery commissions supports education and part of the money people play goes to education. So next time you play, think of that dollar you are playing goes to support education. That way you’re sending a good intention out and not a self-centered one. Go play and let go of a need to win to be happy. Be happy now and if you didn’t win this time, be happy for the person who did win. Who knows, maybe next time you could be the winner.