The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: El Caminante

My boy is eighteen months old. How time flies. It seems that I looked away for a split second as my son started to walk and now it’s like catch me, if you can. I remember him fast crawling towards me, a big smile in his face. Then he stopped and slowly stood up, taking a couple of baby steps closer. He did this more often on his own, taking bigger, happier steps. One day, he just took off and never looked back. These days, you will find him everywhere around the house. He is all over the place; the bedrooms, the kitchen and even the bathroom. Yes, toilet paper can go a long way and he even likes to test the quality of the paper. We are lucky to get the paper out of his mouth without getting bitten with his hatchet like teeth.

On another note, he has some traits from me. Ian Karlo is a natural inspector. He likes to inspect things around the house like his father does. He opens drawers, close the doors, flips things up to see how the wheels work and grabs anything he can get his little hands around to. I had to take safety precautions, closing all the doors, especially the bathroom door,  leaving the livingroom and the hallway as his playgrounds. He is fascinated every time he flips the light switch in his room and he let’s you know his amazement with his hight pitched yell. It has become his signature when he is happy.

He now knows how to climb up the sofa to play with his favorite picture frame in his favorite corner. That’s his favorite place to drink his milk with his red pillow. He also know how to turn around to climb down feet first.  He give us this “I can do This” grin while we look at him amazed with his abilities.

At the time of eating Ian Karlo can deflect the spoon away from him with martial arts ability and try   to grab him while he is on the floor, his element. He  will make you think that he is there when he is not. It is a challenge too.

He is a happy toddler with lots of energy and a noble smile that melts me away. He  starts to show his character and I know we got our hands full with our children. Ian Karlo looks up to his big sister Karymar and she loves him and protects him. She is a great helper when it’s time to change Ian’s diaper. He doesn’t appreciate the idea of stopping when there is so much to walk about. His sister sings him songs that cheer him up while I do my job to keep my boy clean. Blessed my little girl.

Ian Karlo is el caminante, the walker, like his father. I remember my Mom calling me ” el caminante” because I was always moving, going like there was not tomorrow.  When I pick up Ian Karlo from the floor, he fights and complains. He wants to walk, wants to check this place out, open this drawer, grab that thing and if it looks good, taste it too. My mom says it is just like me. I never wanted to stop or slow down because there is so much to see , so much to experience that I didn’t want to miss a thing.  Now I look at my son, el caminante,  and see  a much of me in him. I will enjoy every moment watching my boy growing up to be whatever he wants to be.


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