Life with No Regrets

I lost a friend today. Sadly, he died on my daughter’s birth-day.  I am still in disbelief;  he left this world at such an early age, I just can’t seem to grasp reality yet. I pray for his family  in these difficult times. He was, as I saw him, happy with his life.  One look at his facebook page will tell you that he was very loved by all.  He was a popular and a very cool guy to call a friend.  He lived the Orlando’s  seen and be seen lifestyle  and had a passion for his  sports bike, his Ninja.  He was the life of the party, Orlando’s  Plank Extraordinaire, dancing every night away surrounded by people who love him for his energy and attitude. He was a fashion setter, dressing sharp at the clubs in downtown, dazzling you with his moves on the dance floor. The man got moves!  If  you wanted to have an idea of what would be the ideal life of a single guy, my friend was the poster child of that. He knew how to kick it at the bar or club in style, always with the latest in fashion and electronics trend. He was also the go to guy for everything a friend needs, anytime, anywhere.  Whether you needed a new TV or a gadget or had a breakdown and needed help, my friend was the man to call. He always knew someone that knew someone that can help.

My friend will be missed by all who loved him. I got so used to see his updates. I know many will miss his regular updates about everything happening around him and more importantly his outlook on life.  His attitude of “doing everything the way he only knows how to” will not be easily forgotten. I believe that despite of his life’s ups and downs, he crossed over happy with his life at that point. He lived life to the fullest with no regrets, so when his time came  he went out with no regrets and doing what he loved to do. He is now up in the havens where there is the whole dance floor open just for him. I learned today  to appreciate every moment of my life because  I will never know when my time will be up to meet my maker.  To live life to the fullest so there will be no regrets. Rest in peace my friend.