Conversations with my Daughter: fundraising

Recently Karymar and I were talking about our plans for the summer and the rest of the year. For a 5-year-old child, Karymar is a very articulated child who can elaborate to some detail what she wants and where she would like to go.  Since Karymar’s first birthday, our family goes out on a cruise trip  to celebrate and we chose the Disney Cruise line as our all in one family vacation.  We were talking about this year’s cruise plan when she told me about an idea that occurred to her. She said ” well Papi since you have not had much work this year, I want to help you”.  I asked her how and she replied ” I want to do a lemon stand to raise money for the cruise”. I was stunned by her idea and asked  how she would  do it.  She went on telling me how she will do it, what she will sell, for how much and where she will set up the stand. I listen intently, admiring her ingenuity  and determination to raise money for the cruise. I could  see her  potential as a young entrepreneur and wonder what more can I do to encourage her.

She found a large box she keeps as her multi-purpose fun house and put it outside so she will be visible from the street. She decided not to offer lemonade because she wanted to do something different. Instead, she had grape juice, water and milk.  She made up a banner with a piece of cardboard where she wrote the items available and the cost of each item. Initially she was charging $10 for the grape juice and $2.40 for the milk. I was happy to see that the water was free however. I did a little business consulting with her, asking why she was charging so much for the grape juice and recommended to lower the price . She insisted in leaving the price as it was and giving grapes for free with the purchase of grape juice instead. Her claim was that if she lowered the price , she was not going to make enough money for the cruise. I just couldn’t say anything more at that point.  She recruited me to go out to the street with the banner to get the customers. I stood outside under the sun for  a considerable time while she waited for customers under the shade. I was thinking on her unfair labor practices but did not complain.

The wait paid off when we got customers coming in, looking for something refreshing to quench their thirst. I saw how my daughter attended her customers, giving them choices and felt very proud of her. We close the business for the day and I congratulate her for a job well done. We talked a little more about what she had done and the deeper meaning of it but that was a little too much for her to comprehend. That was for me to take in; to absorb and appreciate that despite of how things go in life, there is always a way to do more to reach our goals. If I am ever doubtful what to do in life and how to do it, I know who I will turn to for help. Kary is full of ideas!

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