Life Goes On, With or Without Us

I saw a horrible motorcycle accident a week ago. Two riders on sports bikes struck the back of a tractor-trailer suffering major injuries.  I was one of the first people on scene; I saw motorcycle parts scattered everywhere as panic and disbelief started to set in.  Everything happened so fast yet it felt like in slow motion. The surrounding noise was suddenly muted and I could not comprehend what people were saying. My attention was on the two bodies on the ground and they were not moving.  I have seen accidents before but not like this, not so real, so vivid. I remained on scene until both bodies were picked up by the paramedics; their hands working like clockwork attempting to revive them. After talking and consoling friends and strangers, I decided that it was time for me to go home. As I rode , the tragic scene  replayed in my mind over and over and I just could not shake it off my head. I didn’t know any of the men, but it felt like I did all this time. I felt the pain and the thought of losing someone you love or care for  and it haunted me all the way home.  I wanted to go to the hospital that night but it was after midnight and I thought it was too late already. So I went to bed but could not sleep well  that night, still thinking about the two guys.

I woke up and the first thought in my mind was the accident scene and the two bodies, still in disbelief of what had happen just hours ago. I searched the news channels to find out what happened with the victims and learned that they both died later at the hospital. I felt the pain of losing someone as if they were one of my own and realized how much this whole thing had affected me. I knew I had to bring some closure to this horrible chapter in my life one way of another.  I learned later through a friend of mine that one her friends was the stepmother of one of the victims. How small is the world I thought and how close we are of each other without even knowing it. Couple of days later my friend calls me again to tell me about a memorial ride in honor of one of the victims. As I rode to the meeting place, I was joined by other bikers unaware of our common goal for that evening until we arrived to the meeting place. There I saw the people present the night of the accident. I hugged them as we were no longer strangers but united as one like a big family that just lost one of ours.

Hundreds of bikers took off riding together, side by side to the funeral home to pay the last respect to a fallen biker. The service was beautiful; I could feel that this man was loved by all. He was an Armed Forces veteran, a devoted fan of the New Orleans Saints  and a biker, loyal to his group. I was sad to learn that he left a wife behind, pregnant with an unborn child. Being a Dad myself that was very hard to take.  I remained there until the service was over and people started to leave.  I rode back home feeling closure. May they rest in peace.  Now I can put this chapter behind me and move on with my life with an understanding that despite we don’t know why God let things like this happen, there is a reason for everything and even if don’t like it, we cannot question it but take it as it comes, accepted, grieve it, learn from it and move on with our lives. Life continues with or without us, so we better enjoy it while living as we never know when will be our last day in this earth.