A Prayer for the Hopeless

The weather in Orlando has been a blessing these days; clear skies and a nice, cool breeze It invited me to step outside and enjoy God’s gift of this day. While running some errands, immersed in my own thoughts, I saw the same homeless man I bought breakfast for months ago on a street that I frequent a lot.  I immediately turned around and stopped to say hi. He didn’t recognize me, not that I cared about that.  As I approached him, I noticed that his appearance has gone from bad to worse. He appears to be in his late 50’s; medium built and doesn’t look to me like he is into drugs or something other than having a look of hopelessness.  His clothes were disheveled and he appeared to be disconnected, sad-looking.  I greeted him; he looks up at me with his bright blue eyes, mumbled something and stared away assuming the same look of despair he had before. I stared at him not knowing what to say; he wore eye glasses that gave me the impression he may have had a good job in the past, a banker perhaps. His glasses gave him sort of an executive look despite of the look of his clothes. He looks educated though he didn’t said much. His body language spoken like a man who lost his hopes of living the life he once lived. I wonder if this man in front of me had a life once that he enjoyed, had dreams, a family, and possessions he no longer has. Only several shopping bags around him and the clothes on his back.  I pulled couple dollars and coins I had in my pocket and gave it to him with God’s blessings. He muttered thanks without looking at me and continue with his gaze fixed on the road in front of him, staring at nothing.  I said a silent prayer for him as I drove away, asking God to guide this man, to give him hope so he can find his path again one day and bring peace back in his life.