The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: 1st. Birthday

Our baby Ian Karlo turns one year young. His first birthday, his numero uno of many more to come.   I  remember so vividly the day he was born;  the way he looked at us, the smell of his skin and the look in his eyes. I remember how excited was Karymar when she held her little brother. To this date that excitement has never faded away. She loves her brother, loves to read him stories, plays  and hugs him every time she has the opportunity day and night. She does get mad at him when he disturbs her pillow castle or her art work but she knows he’s little and that she must teach him and treat him well.   I thank God for  his wisdom for blessing us with children  at the right time. It is a wonderful thing to see Karymar taking care of her little brother; it was meant to be that way, no matter how much we tried to have them other way. It teaches us to love them as unique people of this family.

Ian Karlo has grown to be a big boy,  crawling fast, standing on his own, rushing to take little steps. Soon he will be walking and talking more. All in due time; no rush or pressure as we want to enjoy every stage of his growth. He started to show some of his character too…I wonder where he got that from 😉 We celebrated his birthday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom where he got his first hair cut at the barber shop. Now he looks  more like his daddy and with traces of his mother of course.

I remember writing his first chronicle at the hospital and recording his progress  over time in this blog.  I want him to know a little background of his life, something to remember forever.   I can’t wait for him to read it back to us when he is older. That will be another chapter for sure;  cherished moments living life as a family together, the way God has it planned for us.

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