Financial Freedom Manifesto

I created a financial freedom manifesto as a way to pass my thoughts into paper so when I do accomplish financial independence, I have an action list to start working immediately. I felt that since everything starts with a thought, that thought must be transferred into something tangible like in paper not just a dream or a mere wish list floating in my mind. In this manifesto, I wrote everything I have thought to be, do and have on a larger scale when the opportunity is presented, what I am going to do in some detail and how I will do it. It also explains with whom I will share this experience and why. It shares my mission and long-term vision of my goals, the life I will lead and the legacy I will build for the generations after me. Creating this manifesto seals my commitment to take an altruistic approach of my life for a greater good at a different level from what I am doing now , knowing what needs to be done and why I am doing it not just dreaming about it and wish to come true. Manifesting it as if already happened makes me feel even better, as if it is happening now and I know it will in due time. I will be ready so when it does happen, I will take action without hesitation.