Get Happy Right Now

Nobody likes to be sad; ask anyone around and most definitive no one will tell you that they like to be unhappy. For the past two weeks have been going through some tough and uncertain times and despite of my positive mental attitude, I sometimes feel frustrated about things not going the way I expect them to and anxious about the future. My days were feeling like riding a fast roller coaster up and down and through gut wrenching turns.

Everybody wants to be happy and will do anything just to be happy. Some people like to go on a shopping spree when they’re feeling down, others like to do good things for others to feel happy themselves. Being who I am, I wanted to eradicate this frustration and anxiety out of my system and started to look for ways to be instantly happy. I knew that it doesn’t take much for the negativity, anger, frustration and even depression to bring one down, especially when feeling weak and low. Having experienced the power of gratitude, I chose to be grateful for the things I DO have, for the people I have in my life and the exciting things waiting for me even though I have no idea of the outcome. This alone makes me feel instantly happy but it needs continuous reinforcement to help from it effectively. Stepping out of the task at hand particularly when I feel stuck and do something different and spontaneous also helps me to improve my mood. The solution always seems to find its way when I return to the task with a fresh and clear mind. Another source of instant happiness: the Internet. You can search keywords for articles to help you in any situation. One click leads to another and soon you’ll find the answer you have looked even though you didn’t know what you were looking for in the first place. I found a super-awesome post on by Kevin Nalty about how to be happy now. I like it so much and it needs to be shared.

When you’re feeling down, frustrated and overwhelmed with the happenings in your life, start looking for a way to be happy instead of finding someone or something to blame for your troubles. Remember, it starts with you and only you have the control of whatever happens to you.

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