Tuning into the Right Frequency

Since the turn of the New Year, I have been working nonstop on my first published book YOU Improved and tuning into a higher level of frequency, of energy in my life. Despite few setbacks over the turn of the year, I am moving forward with the pre-release of my book. The more I get into the elements of self- publishing my book, I come to realize that there is a lot on the subject of publishing, marketing and distribution that I need to familiarize with in order to get my book out to the masses. Day and night, I post in front of the computer and peruse through the dozen or more open windows on couple of screens. On this particular Thursday, I had ten Word documents open, about nine tabs of publishing and book related web-sites, my social media sites on which I am always updating and my Outlook open on my LinkedIn groups, covering all the basics. Around my desk were several notepads organizing my action plan to successfully market and distribute my book. My home office is always open for business from the early morning hours, through the day into the mid night oil and even the graveyard shift. If I want to succeed, I have to be persistent and continue to move forward until I get what I want. At least that’s what I thought. I was wired up into hi frequency focused on the end result while monitoring my progress on how to get there. It was a sincere intention; however, I was feeling burnout. All I was seeing is more and more to be done no matter how much I have accomplished already. I got overwhelmed with blogging, posting, updating, researching, download, upload and repeating all over again and again. Around 2 PM I froze in front of my keyboard, unable to type or click anything, unable to move forward. I pushed my chair off my desk and closed my eyes, tuning inside me. I knew that I was not going anywhere at that point. I was mentally burned out and all I could do there was to ask for guidance in what to do next. I sat there in silence, being still, listening. Inside my mind, there was a lot of commotion; part of me didn’t want to stop because I wanted to stay on target but the other part of me wanted to run away. I was alternating from one frequency to another and gave in for the most powerful frequency I felt at that moment.

I returned, a week later, back in front of my computer yet different, happier and ready to move forward with my projects with an even improved attitude than before. During my exodus from the electronic media and my lower frequencies, I got on my motorcycle and rode away. As I rode farther away I forgot about anything that was creating static in my thinking and creativity and thought nothing other than that moment riding my motorcycle through the open roads of Central Florida. Also and more important during that time of departure from the routine, I spent wonderful times with friends, meeting new ones and creating happy memories altogether. There was a shift into a higher frequency that made it possible and that was because I allowed to happen by being open and receptive to the frequency of the Universe. We all flow into different frequencies sometimes and more than often it’s best to step away when we don’t feel like we are moving forward or feeling low and do something completely different, spontaneous that can tune you just into the right frequency where you’re happy, calm and in complete harmony with yourself and all that surrounds you in this Universe. It is our choice how we tune into each frequency. Everything happens for a reason and had I not decided to break away from my routine and take on that ride, I wouldn’t have come back feeling like I am feeling right now ready to move forward.