The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: caring ears

Ian Karlo is 9 months old; he is healthy, happy twenty pound baby curious for  everything he can get his hands and mouth around. He’s being growing steadily, now crawling forward and even standing on his own in his crib. No major issues, thanks God, though a series of ear infections prompted the doctor to recommend ear tubes to clear his ear drums from any fluids.

At 5:00 AM,  we woke up to prepare to take him for his procedure. Around six in the morning we arrived to the Walt Disney pavilion at the Florida hospital for children.  The Walt Disney Pavilion is a state of the art, newest addition to the Florida Hospital in Orlando. It is beautiful; like being transported to one of Disney parks. There’s a playing area look like a forest where kids can play under the watchful eye of Baloo the lazy bear from the jungle book story or go to an underwater cave where Nemo lives with other sea creatures. There is a big screen where kids and parents can watch movies and at the same time forget where they were at the moment. It certainly does not feel like the hospital feel one is accustom to.

Immediately Ian Karlo was admitted and on time he was prepared for surgery. The care at the Florida hospital for children is outstanding. Inside the pediatric surgery, we were taken to a private room where we could be together while Ian Karlo’s medicine kicked in. He was feeling droopy his head bobbing, eyes fluttering dreamily. He was babbling things while observing everything around him like ” Papi where am I? and why am I feeling sooooooo…. groovy?”

He was taken inside the surgery room still awake but docile like a sleeping puppy.   In less than 10 minutes, he was out to the recovery room. It was that fast!  In the meantime while waiting until he recovered from the anesthesia, I took the time to get lost around the hospital observing and taking it all in. Everywhere I walked, I felt in harmony with everyone and everything I came across. I stopped by the chapel and spent some time there in silence being grateful that everything went well. I am very thankful for being aware of these moments despite of the external circumstances. We appreciate the attention and caring of the nurses and doctors at the Walt Disney Pavilion. I am sure Mickey Mouse will be proud of the care and attention we experienced this day. We didn’t feel like just a number and every question was answer without hesitation. I have nothing but praise about the level of professionalism and care Ian Karlo received at the hospital.  He was calm and happy throughout the entire procedure and thus so were we.

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