Shifting focus: I want to experience Systema

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I want an instructor certification in Systema! That’s what I had as a goal since 2009 making videos and send them over to Vladimir for evaluation. The feedback I got was to continue to work on the basics, do this, don’t do that, etc…and it was back to the training floor, do more videos and send them over to headquarters for review. Over time, I’ve come to realize that I want to EXPERIENCE Systema rather than earning the certificate. Shifting my focus to experiencing Systema rather than training in Systema has allowed me to let go of my ego, the frustration of whether I am doing this right or not, the anxiety of getting reviewed by my peers and the focus of getting that certificate. All this was causing tension; my breathing was affected, my body and, therefore my movements focused in the “technique” not the principles of Systema. Going forward in 2011 I want to experience Systema, applying the principles by living it, focusing on myself, my breath, my body, and my emotions. The rest, I learned, will come naturally, becoming part of me, because Systema is part of me.