Letting Go of the Past

The end of 2010 is just around the corner making room for a New Year fill with opportunities as well as challenges. During the last week of the year I always like to clean and organize my house and businesses to receive the New Year fresh and energized.  It is always a busy week with little details to go over, tying loose ends, closing old chapters, out with the old, in with the new before the clock turns midnight on Friday night.  This past year has been an emotional roller coaster with gut wrenching turns and sickening drops as well as victorious climbs and exhilarating thrills. One thing in common is that I always end up moving forward getting on with life.

So I packed stuff up, I moved stuff around, gave up on stuff that doesn’t work for me anymore and gave away stuff that I don’t longer need.  In the process I drove with the kids to the nearest recycle center with a trunk full of paper material from a business that I had to let go during the course of the year because of the financial burden it represented.  As I moved the boxes to the recycle bin, I looked over the tons of paper, letterhead, envelopes, brochures and other marketing materials from the business with a melancholy remembering the years and memories my wife and I collected during the glory days of the business.  I realized that I was still emotionally attached to this business perhaps because I really saw the potential of it both financially as well as contributing to the community. I also remember the frustration of running the business, the letdowns, lack of direction and responsibilities. I felt that I gave it up; that I quitted at the very last minute and I froze there disappointed watching the business go to the dumpster. I felt an urge to pull back to re-start the business but soon realized it was no good. What is done, is done; another business, another life investment in the Tao of Carlos.

Suddenly Karymar who was watching me from the back seat said “Papi why did you froze?” looking at me still holding the last box of brochures and business cards.  The spell broke and I was back in the present. She said to me “Papi let go of the box” and I almost mechanically dropped the box inside the bin, thinking Karymar knows best and by letting go of the past I also left behind all that was negative about the business experience and took only the good memories and the lessons learned to later apply to yet another venture already in the horizon.


One thought on “Letting Go of the Past

  1. …it’s good to toss=tosh/xaua(Nauatl)=shower/throw out ballast/quitar lastre(sp).
    if you don’t you wallow in the swells, lose way, and the sails pull themselves
    out of their stays dragging the plumpsoll like a soft crayon through the slough.

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