The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: The Rite of Baptism

Ian Karlo was baptized on Saturday December 18 in a small ceremony at the St. Francis Catholic church in Apopka, Florida. The rite of baptism or christening is a sacrament of Jesus Christ, a tradition in the Roman Catholic Church. For Catholics having our children baptized means the removal of the original sin, making the child one of God’s children and a member of the Catholic Church. It is an acknowledgement and commitment for parents and godparents to accept the responsibility to train our children in the practice of faith, to watch over the child’s spiritual growth to lead a good Christian life. The rite of Baptism involves different stages as part of the initiation before the child becomes part of the Catholic Church. We dressed Ian Karlo in a white gown to symbolize purity, a clean life, the innocence of a child. The Priest starts the ceremony by asking the parents and godparents to accept the responsibility of having the child baptized. He presents the cross as a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus’ death to clear the sins of mankind. Ian Karlo was anointed with oil symbolizing the Holy Spirit. We then moved to the baptismal fountain where Ian Karlo’s received the holy water as a symbol of a new life in Jesus Christ. Then at the end of the ceremony is the passing of a lighted candle. Light is a symbol of Christian life, meaning that faith is present. The entire ritual lasted about an hour. I have been in many baptisms before and each church has its own version of the rite. What is important about the Rite of Baptism is how we take the ritual and its symbols into Christian faith for the rest of our lives. We have the responsibility for the sake of our children’s spiritual growth as well as our own faith and desire to walk in the steps of Jesus Christ.

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