Random Selfless Acts: give to feel better

I have been working non- stop creating a sales letter to promote my book and let me say it is not an easy task trying to put together a compelling sales letter before the year is over. The deadline is looming though it is 20 days away. Creating this letter is part one of a much bigger project that rolls out at the turn of the New Year. I was feeling in a rut; ideas were not flowing and I was not making any progress. So I decided to take a break to go to my Arnis (Filipino Martial Art) class to take my mind off the project for a couple of hours. However, I was not really feeling like going to Arnis class at all and drove around aimlessly undecided on what to do going through my options since I was out of the house already. Then I received a phone call with an unusual message that really got my attention. It was from the Central Florida Blood Bank telling me that my blood type is needed and that I should go and give blood now. And just like that, without giving it a second thought, I called the number on the message and made the appointment while steering over to the nearest blood bank. I learned not to question these messages when they appear and just to go with it. Nothing bad can come out for doing something good.

When I got there, I was asked if I wanted to donate using the new state of the art Alyx System. I knew about this type of automated blood collection system that allows you to donate two units of red cells in just one visit… meaning that I could touch more lives in one visit. I was feeling great already. While donating I was watching CNN reporting some breaking news: a bomb factory house found in a Southern California neighborhood. The headlines read that the house contained the nation’s largest cache of homemade explosives. Authorities couldn’t remove the materials safely out of the house so they burned the house down. Unbelievable news I thought when the nurse technician told me that I was done. I didn’t realize that thirty-five minutes have passed. I left the blood bank happy with a “Be a hero” T-shirt and a coffee mug in hand. From now on every time I feel down, stressed or mentally blocked I know I better start giving to feel better. That is the best tonic anyone can have.

Interested? Check out this link from the Red Cross