The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: crawling and teething

Ian Karlo is learning to crawl…backwards. We like to encourage him to crawl every day to practice for his first activity next January, participating in the diaper dash category at the Disney’s kid fest. Laying on a mat on all fours, he starts to buck like a wild pony. Then he makes his move backwards away from where we wanted him to go. He gets more confused by all the calling and yelling around him trying to get his attention. He just smiles at us; his first tooth peeking out looking like a tiny grain of rice. After practice, it’s time for his exersaucer play center which it is his favorite pastime. As soon as he is put on it, he immediately starts to bounce and hard. Every morning around 5:30- 6:00 AM and after his first bottle of baby java, Ian Karlo is put on his exersaucer and everyone knows it is time to wake up. The sound made by his constant up and down on the stationary stand reverberates all over the house. Yet nobody seems to be bother by it not even his signature high pitch yells. It’s a sweet sound we all can get used to in this house. These sounds are taken to yet another level when Ian Karlo is joined by his sister who orchestrates songs teaching his little brother how to talk.

Karymar is now reading. She recently picked up a book by Dr. Seuss and started to read. We were amazed when we heard our daughter reading page by page with remarkable ease. I never liked Dr. Seuss nor understood his books until now. They’re perfect for a child who is starting to read. What a genius! I am thoroughly enjoying watching my children grow. I am constantly reminded of the little cues and hidden messages my children communicate to us. To me they’re God’s little case-workers; keeping us parents in check to make sure we care for what is important.