Locks of Love

Over the past few months we have been teaching our daughter Karymar how to appreciate the things she unknowingly take for granted. We do not expect our five-year old daughter to comprehend life’s little details, but we think it is best if we start early to teach her about gratitude than to wait for her little brain to analyze the concept as she gets older. In one of many casual conversations, the subject of donating came to surface. Both me and my wife have talked with Karymar about the importance of giving back to others, especially those who don’t have anything. One day Karymar and her mother started talking about Kary’s interest of donating her hair to other children that have no hair. She may have seen a picture of a child with no hair and that may have triggered her interest. We found an organization called “Locks of Love” who provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Last Saturday I took Karymar to the hair salon to make the commitment. We have asked her several times whether she was sure to have her long hair cut for this cause and in all occasion she replied a resounding “Yes”. We wanted to be sure that she knew why she was doing this, that it was not just another haircut and she knew it very well. She never stopped smiling while she was getting her hair on a ponytail but gasped in amazement when the ponytail was cut. I scaled yet another level of proudness; my chest was heaving with pride, big smile from ear to ear. The stylist was so impressed with Karymar’s deed and didn’t charge us anything for the haircut. We walked outside, holding hands, and I asked her “do you know what we are going to do with your lock of hair Kary?” She said “yes Papi, I am donating it so other children can have hair”. I am proud of you honey, I love you.