Maintaining Relationship Bridges

My job as an inspector gives me the insight of building structures and how the elements affect its integrity and function. When I look at a building foundation, I can see if it has been affected by erosion, moisture, whether it has cracks or deterioration that can have an impact on the structure, creating potential adverse effects to the integrity of the building. Foundations support the weight of the building or structure and it is important that it is properly constructed and maintained to prevent premature failure and a potential collapse of the building or structure. Bridges and building foundations run deep into the ground; the higher the building or bridge the deeper that foundation has to be. Poor construction or lack of maintenance can result in premature structural failure, exposing the footings, cracks and gaps that over time contribute to the overall deterioration of the structure. A bridge whose footing is unstable due to an undermined foundation will surely fail over time, giving in to the weight of the top of the structure and eventually collapsing. No matter how fancy the bridge or building looks on the outside, if its foundation is not well grounded, it will be at the mercy of time and the elements to do their work.

Relationships are much like bridges and structures. A relationship between two people who care for each other, they communicate effectively and work together towards a common goal are like a strong foundation that runs deep into the ground. They are more adapting to withstand the elements and remain stable for years to come. However, relationships that are not well maintained, neglected with little or no effort from both sides, are like a weak foundation, unable to withstand the elements and threatening to collapse. Lack of communication, poor effort, lack of gratitude and dedication undermines the relationship foundation and surely over time will crumble to the ground. The bridge whose side is more unstable will be the first to collapse. In a relationship, both sides have to maintain the relationship to good standing, otherwise, the deferred side will deteriorate and that side of the bridge will collapse first. The other side, despite of been properly maintain, cannot hold the weight of the entire structure and though it remains standing it is rendered impassable because it missing the other half of the bridge. Relationship cannot be one sided. Both sides have to bear the weight of the relationship equally or balanced in a manner that is beneficial to both ends. Maintaining solid relationships will ensure that the friendship bridges will remain up and open and never burn or destroyed.