On Advice and Opinions

Sometimes when there is a big decision to make or when we are not so sure which way to go in life, we feel the need to ask for other people’s opinions and advice to help us make the decision or just to make us feel alright. Oftentimes these opinions come from people who are important in our lives, those who we love and respect. When the opinion or advice comes from a person older than us, a respected individual or someone who has gone through the same situation we currently encounter, we are more inclined to call that opinion or advice true and absolute. We know that it comes from a source that want us to be good, do well and obviously means no harm. As a result we take on that opinion to make our decisions because we are somehow convinced that we will go through the same circumstances experienced by the one giving his or her opinion. However in the midst of that opinion lies just that, a person’s opinion based on their own reality and past experiences. Though the circumstances may look similar, the experiences are unique to every individual and does not indicate in any way that we will go through the same experience and outcome. The circumstances also are unique in every situation and seldom happens exactly the way has been advised. We should take caution when asking for an opinion and receive that opinion or advice with an open mind to be used as a baseline but not as the end result of our actions. At the end it is our own decisions that will have an impact on the results of our own actions, not what other people tell us what we should do. Be very careful when an opinion or advice starts with “let me tell you why this will not work” or similar. This is clearly a one sided opinion based on the unique circumstances that person experienced and he or she will, on good nature, tell you what you should and should not do to avoid going through what they went through. Do listen to their advice in silence, thank them for their opinion and do not argue but ask questions that will help you make a better decision based on your own situations. At the end you are the owner of your actions.