Peace of Mind

I sat in the waiting room of a Doctor’s office early morning while waiting for my wife, who was having a routine examination, to come out. I was still sleepy but the caffeine effects of the cup I had earlier was making its wonders. Not being able to stay put for a long time I started to scan the office looking for something interesting to do. In the background, I could hear the news channel talking about everyone’s hot topic of the moment, mid- term elections. I had no interest in that and started to walk around the room looking at the various picture frames on the wall. I was starting to feel anxious because my wife was taking too long to come out. Maybe she was not done with her procedure; maybe the doctor hasn’t seen her yet. The office looked crowded; I was not the only one waiting and I thought there was only one doctor. One doctor performing procedures and examinations back to back, keeping the demand of patients waiting on their turn to see him. I thought about the responsibility and pressure the doctor must be feeling that morning. After looking at many paintings and picture frames, one above all really caught my attention. It illustrated a surgeon at a hospital operating room performing surgery surrounded by two other doctors or nurses. Right next to the surgeon was Jesus Christ. The caption read: Chief of the medical staff. Jesus was alongside the surgeon with one hand on his shoulder in support and encouragement to be brave and move on with the task in front of him, the other hand just next to the surgeon’s hands keeping them steady, guiding him to do the job right. I felt a warm feeling inside me and immediately felt at ease with peace of mind knowing that the good doctor is not alone in there, Jesus Christ is by his side and all is well.