The Chronicles of Ian Karlo: through the eyes of my children


My Son just turned six months of age. Six months, eighteen pounds of chunky folds to eat to kisses later. He is a happy boy; never seem to fuzz about anything, adjusting to any type of environment even during his sleeping time. He is a trooper, like his big Sister able to “survive” in any situation. His sleep is never interrupted by outside noises, let alone being distress by anything that might occur to him unexpectedly. If he wakes up, he then joins you in whatever you’re doing blending with the environment so effortlessly that you won’t notice he is in the room until he starts with his now famous “cantatas” or singing. Ian Karlo is a morning person, the first one to wake up around 5:30 AM. Our natural “alarm clock”, he starts by cooing and grunting gradually escalating his babbling to a higher pitch like a wave sounding like a tenor preparing his vocals for a “cantata”. To me he sounds like the ebb and flow of the wave from a distance and then closer. Invariable Marie and I check on him and when I look at him on his crib, he is wide awake looking straight at me, recognizing me under the dim light and giving me the smile that I so love to see every morning when I wake up. Is a smile like no other; a noble smile and kind eyes that expresses what love is all about, pure, innocent love without judgment. He used to wake up much earlier than we like so we don’t mind at all his new wake up time. Soon after this morning greeting, a diaper change and his morning java follows on his schedule. While feeding him, rocking back and forth lazily on the rocking chair, I cuddle my boy very close to me and still drowsy with sleep, I enjoy his lovely baby scent. I wish I could bottle up his baby aroma forever. It is such a unique and wonderful experience. His muscles are undeveloped yet his grip is firm, his kicks hard and alive wanting to bounce up. I appreciate this wakefulness despite of being tired and sleepy watching Ian Karlo lazily sucking on his bottle, gazing everything around the room and then back at me with a smile, trickles of milk running down his cheeks. I see no worries not a despair or malice in his eyes but goodness and graciousness. I thank God for this. He never stop to show me how much he loves me and he sends his very best Angels to aid me when I seek his guidance. I see this truth thru the eyes of my children.

The early morning commotion soon gives way to Karymar to wake up with a “Buenos Dias” in her cheering voice. Marie and I know that It is already a good day. Life at the Guzman’s has been anything but ordinary during these past months. Karymar is five now and it seems that she grows larger by the second. When I look at her, I always see a twinkle in her eyes. God’s smiling again at me, saying “this is my message to you…don’t worry about a thing” just like the classic Bob Marley’s song. Don’t worry about a thing because what is important is standing right in front of me.

It’s amazing to watch my children grow. They go to bed and grow overnight blooming the next morning like a flower. Just this past six months I have seen my children specially my daughter becoming natural teachers and her little brother is following suit with the kindness best expressed in children. They don’t have to do anything or even think what to say when things happen. No, they just look at me right in the eye and let me know without saying a word that no matter the circumstances, they are my priority. God Bless them!