Conversations with my Daughter: school time

My little princess is in Kindergartner. She absolutely loves school, her teacher and above all riding the school bus like a big girl. She still and will always be my baby, but I can’t believe how much she has grown. She has started to show her independence and character as an individual. On some afternoons I get to pick up my kids at Grandma’s house.  I enjoy the afternoon rides home; our time in the car are always engaging, never dull. I love when Karymar tells me how she spent her day in school. She takes me through the day’s events, things she learned in the classroom, going over homework and she loves to do homework, bless her heart! I look at her through the rear view mirror and all I see is an outspoken individual wanting to express herself. I asked her “so, do you like school?” and she says “Papi I looooove school and my teacher and riding the big bus”. I beamed at her. She unexpectedly stops talking to entertain her little brother, updating me in whatever Ian Karlo is doing. She say to him something like “what you doing putting your fist in your mouth?” in perfect Spanglish while shaking his little hands. I cannot help but to laugh, sanitizer in hand always at the ready. I love when she tells me stories like her own version of the three little bears. How articulated, outgoing and talkative she is and when I asked her about what she had for lunch, she always tell the truth, whether she ate or not and eager to be the first to tell me when she was put on time out for being a chatter box.  I can have a regular conversation with her just about any subject like I do with an adult. It is remarkable the way that she responds to things, or asks questions. Children are like a sponge and they must be engaged, exposed to the world so they can absorb it and make it their own. One time, I casually asked her about a situation I heard regarding a school friend she has in her classroom. Without hesitation she told me his name, Santiago, her 10-year-old, 8 feet tall, kindergarten classmate. I will make sure I check on her version to validate some facts. Being so brutally honest like her mother, telling the truth and tells me that Mami already knew about Santiago and I was like, “oh really”, interesting detail. Again, worth to investigate further. I told her I definitely would have to meet this Santiago as well as his parents. I ask her when I can meet Santiago or his parents and she said, “ Sure Papi, maybe after school but I don’t know his parents because I don’t talk to strangers”. I’m like give me a break she is only five. I cannot start to think of the things she will say or do in less than 10 short years. Her conversations amazes me and I love it because it is honest, funny and yes, unexpected.

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