Random selfless acts: giving back

It was late Sunday night; my wife just asked me to help taking the laundry to the Laundromat. I  was underneath my office desk, flashlight in hand trying to figure out why my computer won’t turn on. The machine just stopped working couple days ago and I was in between the desktop and my laptop, googling on tech forums for an answer. I was feeling frustrated and in no mood to go anywhere but to fix the darn thing. I reluctantly accepted the task and give the computer issue  a rest to do something else instead. I drove to the Laundromat in silence, still thinking in all the stuff that have been going on but more into reflecting what has happened and letting go of things I have no control over it. I put the clothes in the dryers absent minded and walked out over looking the homeless man that was sleeping on the floor inside the porch of the Laundromat. I did give him a second look. It was the first time I see a homeless man here, in our neighborhood for that matter. Here I am thinking about the little things that bothered me and here is this man sleeping on the floor with nothing more than the clothes he has on his back. Taking one last look, I drove off home. An hour later I came back to pick up the clothes and the man was just waking up. As I walked inside he said  “how you doing man?” and I mumbled a “hey” without looking directly at him. I was thinking of what I was going to do tomorrow and where I was going to take the computer for repair not paying much attention of what was going on around me. Suddenly I saw a $5 dollar bill left inside of the dryer. Surely it was inside of one of my wife’s jeans and I picked it up and put it in my pocket without giving a second thought. Walking out to my car, with three loads of laundry, the homeless man said “ have a good one” . I, busy putting my stuff inside of the car didn’t reply but thought of him as being a nice person for what he just said. As I drove off a moment of clarity came over me. There was a reason for me being there at that place, late that night and the homeless man just waking up being right there where I was and then finding the $5 dollar bill. It all added up, at least in my mind it did; I stopped dead on my tracks, made a u-turn back to the Laundromat. As I pulled in the man graciously guided me to the parking spot from where he was seated. I got out and handed him the $5 dollar bill I found inside the dryer. He looked at me surprised and thank me.  I drove away feeling like a better man, closing the day on a high note and thanking the man upstairs for his subtle yet ever present messages telling me that he is right there when I need him and  if I just slow down and pay close attention to the present I will see the opportunities it has to offer. I came back home, relaxed, didn’t care for the computer for the rest of the night.

Yesterday,  I was driving by the neighborhood and drove by the Laundromat. Guess whom I saw there? The same homeless man I found sleeping there couple nights before. I immediately thought of him, turned around and went home. During this week, there has been a lot cleaning and de-cluttering in the house so I took some clothes that though good I don’t need anymore, a pair of shoes and even some leftovers my Dad cooked early. I put it all in a bag, drove back to the Laundromat and gave it to the homeless man. I was feeling energized. He greeted me like he greets everybody else, not recognizing me from the last time we met. I handed him the bag with the goodies, he looked at it, beamed at me and said thank you. I left with a sense of joy, of appreciation, of doing a good deed for someone else. Later on when I drove by the Laundromat, I saw him talking with other people, my Dad’s food plate in one hand and I was beaming.