Riding “La Potra”

I bought my first motorcycle about 3 years ago at the Destination Daytona Harley Davidson in Ormond Beach, Fl. I travel a lot through this area and had stop in many occasions to “window shop” for motorcycles, always wishing to own one. One day I made my usual stop to make my usual rounds through the dealership without ever thinking that I was going to buy a motorcycle that day. I was somewhat ready to buy just didn’t know if the time was right. It never is right? or should I say it’s always right if the heart and the money is in it. I had some money saved to make a decent down payment, so I was open to make a deal if  it was right.  I was used to rent motorcycles every time I wanted to ride and did it for several months  but  I was never sure when I was ready to own. I like the Harley Road King, my bike of choice because its comfort, saddlebag and windshield. I saw new models and used models alike, playing the game of “what if” I buy one today. There was a feeling inside me that day telling me that  it could be the right time to buy. The new models were expensive and as with any HD motorcycle  it didn’t fit my humble budget. So I went upstairs to the used motorcycle area to find one that fits my budget. That’s when I saw her. My eyes were fixed on her and my mouth  started to salivate. Sitting right next to an used Road King was a 2004 American IronHorse Texas Chopper  and she was looking straight at me. She was hot looking  with a  cool two-tone paint job, featuring all the bells and whistles that I have seen in other expensive motorcycles and the best of all, a big fat tire in the rear. Lots of chrome, big and powerful engine with only 3,000 miles. “Oh baby I love you and I am taking you home today”. I didn’t give a second look to the Road King sitting next to this beauty and quickly got the salesperson to run the numbers for me. I told him “I am taking her home” and he said “right on man!” and so I did. The planets and starts were aligned in my favor, the cards were dealt, it was time to ride my chopper. I was so excited to ride her that I left my work truck at the parking lot of the dealership and rode my bike straight home  to Orlando. Without any gear, no helmet or gloves, just riding in my work shorts and tennis shoes, I left my truck behind with an “I’ll pick you up later ” thought  and hit the freeway home bound. Oh boy what a feeling is to ride. I know exactly how a dog feels when he sticks his head out of the window with a happy howl,  ears flapping in the breeze, and a string of drool almost trailing back onto the windshield of the car behind.  An all-around sense-sensation, pure bliss, ladies and gentlemen I  have found my passion. When I got home I parked the chopper in the back and when my wife got home I gave it the surprise. I said “ta-da” and show it to her. She gave it a quick look and asked “where is my seat?” my chopper has no seat for passengers, “it’s a solo ride honey” I quipped. She did not laughed and I stammered a little and told her that we’ll figure something out but she didn’t look convinced, eyeing the chopper as a significant relationship treat. I didn’t say anything, like a good husband should, didn’t want to blurt out that that  significant other just arrived and it is here to stay.

After much thinking and affection I had to give proper name to my chopper. Just saying that she is my significant other was slowly but surely getting me into hot waters, so I named her “ La Potra” which means female horse or mare in English very fitting for an American IronHorse chopper.  I love to ride La Potra and during my first years I was looking for any excuse to ride it rained or shined. Quickly I learned that riding in the rain is not only dangerous but La Potra seems to be allergic to water.  Since I bought her we have ridden 20,000  miles together to places that were unknown to me until then. Florida has some of the beautiful back roads and places to go that if it wasn’t for motorcycle riding, I would have never known about any of the cool places the State has to offer. With riding came people, meeting new friends, joining motorcycle groups for fun rides, riding to Bike Week,  summer day riding State Road A1A along the Atlantic Ocean, riding through the back roads on the country side or the beach or even cold winter nights to bike- night events, I have good memories riding La Potra and I take good care of her so we can ride together for many miles to come on the open road.

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