Ask and you shall receive

When situations happen in your life, ask for what you really want, set the intention to receive it and let it go. I just did it and you guess it, I got what I wanted! There is no need to focus my energy in what I cannot control, that is wondering why things are happening to me or why people are this way or that, what do they think about me or worse what’s going to happen now?, etc. I have no control over what is already done nor do I have control over the circumstances that are happening right now in my life. I do however have control choosing what to do to whatever happens in my life forward, what I think and how I think and what I can do right now to make things happen. What I cannot do, I leave it to God, my higher power. I like to think of it this way “do what is possible and leave God with the impossible”. Once I do that, I let it go and trust that it will be done. From now on try asking yourself the basic question, “What do I want and how can I get it?” and listen to your inner wisdom for guidance.  Then ask for help or guidance from people dear to you, people you respect and value their opinion and get to work in doing what you can. If you think you don’t have anyone to turn to (hard to believe), then turn into your inner guidance and trust that an answer will come. It may not be the right answer logically or what you expect to hear but trust that it will be done. It is a process that requires practice but it gets easier if you just turn inwards and listen. Have faith, believe it will be done and forget about it knowing that God and the universe will make sure that whatever you want becomes your reality. That doesn’t mean you sit idle wishing for things to happen no, you already have done anything in your power to bring your dreams and goals closer, you have done your part and now just have to set the intention out to the universe and let it go so then you can receive what is yours.