Expect the Unexpected: hidden lessons in life

I travel a lot across the Sunshine State. You can find me in Orlando today, tomorrow in Jacksonville, next day in Miami and a week later through the Panhandle. My partner on the road is my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo, my Ol’ reliable. I love my truck; we have spent lots of time on the road. It is the only brand new car I ever purchased with zero miles. Recently we celebrated its 200,000 mile together. I couldn’t have done my job without my truck and I appreciate the years of service. I was never left stranded; driving safely from point A to point B. and keeping up with maintenance was paramount. I spend lots of money keeping up with my truck’s maintenance. Whatever needs to be done besides the regular oil and filter change, I was always eager to repair or replace anything that needs to be fixed. I can’t recall how many parts have been overhauled, replaced, remanufactured after so many miles, but I can vouch that my truck is as good as gold. It is my bread and butter and I don’t take its maintenance lightly. For a road warrior, the car is a sanctuary and nobody likes to be stranded on the road anyways. Recently though the car has been in need of immediate repairs. I knew that something was up and it was a matter of time but I was not expecting anything to happen now when least expected. The truck was failing to start properly and I was feeling like it could die at any time. I also knew the potential cost of this and my situation could not been the worst at that time. It was an unexpected expense and as much as I can postpone it until I can afford to do it, it had to be done and now! So I took Ol’ reliable to my mechanic, a guy who also has become my friend and has taken care of all my vehicles and some of my family members too for years now. He is a person I trust and appreciate taking good care of the maintenance of my vehicles. Good people are hard to find and my mechanic is one of a kind. He knows how I value good car maintenance and knows how much I travel. Whenever something expensive to fix he asks me first “are you ready?” Well I wasn’t ready when I learned that after the recent tune up that cost me couple hundred dollars, the major cause of the problem was the fuel pump and to change that had to lower the gas tank.  To do that plus the parts was several hundred dollars more and thus it became the major problem of my day.  A major expense right after another major expense with the A/C of my wife’s Expedition. Another unexpected expense that it had to be done, but why it had to be one after the other? Was there a lesson to learn?

I couldn’t help to feel vulnerable. In a moment of insecurity, of despair, of worry because that money to pay for the repair was completely unexpected and could not avoid feeling preoccupied, thinking how was I going to get the money when the money I am counting on is already accounted for? I also felt doubt in my believing that everything will be cool and I should not worry knowing that through worst I have gone and come out upright and even in a better place. Again I was feeling for a moment, defeated.  A blow after another in times where every dollar is accounted for. Wow! This was definitively not what I intended to happen but it did happen. It was a matter of time after all; the truck was going to breakdown on the road and could get even worse. There was no need to think of how I could have avoided this whole thing nor there was time to think why this happened to me. There was only time to taken in the lesson, live the experience and move forward. Knowing that I could not do anything else in my power at that moment,  I asked God to let me know what is the best course of action and to help me do it. He told me to forget it that he was going to take care of it. Is that simple, yet I betray myself casting doubt in my faith with worry. It doesn’t take much negative thinking to paralyze you and blow your day off, so the best thing was for me to get on with it.  The good thing is that I feel more aware of those “clear” moments as they happen and they do happen. Just these past months I have experience difficult situations where I was able to become aware in the present allowing me to experience the situations with some clarity and know when to use the energy of the situation to get over it and get into pro-action. In the end whatever happens, happens for a reason and it is for me to learn from it, to simply trust that it is for something better and that it’s coming my way whether I am expecting it or not.